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Meisterplan Events

September 2021

PMO Impact Summit

2021 PMO Impact Summit

Monday, September 20 – Friday, September 24

Meisterplan is a proud sponsor of this year’s PMO Impact Summit, the largest global virtual PMO conference specifically designed for PMO leaders and executives. Join industry leaders in this exciting event and get access to live stream Q&A sessions, workshops, games, and more.

Meisterplan Roundtable

Customer Round Table: Using Generic Roles as Allocation Placeholders 

Thursday, September 23 – 4PM – 5PM EST / 1PM – 2PM PST

Sometimes you don’t know the whole resource story when planning your project portfolio — and that’s okay! In situations like these, it’s a good idea to think about assigning work to a role instead of a named resource. Join other users in this round table session to learn all about using generic roles to plan who will work on what and when.  

Brainstorming new project ideas with Meisterplan's Board View

Free Webinar: Implementing a Successful Project Intake Process: How to Collect New Project Ideas and Turn Them into Successful Projects

Now On Demand

Does your team have a lot of great project ideas, but you’re not quite sure how to best manage those ideas or even how to turn them into successful projects? Collecting and developing new project initiatives can be a difficult mountain to climb, but it doesn’t have to be. Join our experts in our latest webinar where they will be discussing the current challenges organizations face around project intake and the best ways to streamline how project initiatives are pushed through the pipeline.

Meisterplan Agile Portfolio

Free Meisterplan Product Demo: Gain Transparency to Make Better Decisions and Move Your Company Forward

Now On Demand

In this webinar, we go in-depth into our product and show very practical ways to ensure your business can make the best decisions and keep moving forward. We show you how you can use Meisterplan to gain transparency into what work is being done, prioritize projects, use what-if scenarios, and optimize capacity planning.

Meisterplan Webinar

Free Webinar: 3 Ways to Build Resiliency for Today…and Tomorrow

Now On Demand

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that being adaptable in the face of uncertainty separates top-performing businesses from others. Successful leaders build resiliency into how they make decisions, guide portfolio planning, and reliably deliver value. Not sure where to start in evaluating current portfolio initiatives? Concerned about how you and your team are going to succeed with the amount of change and uncertainty? What should you be focused on right now to ensure you’re building resiliency? Join us as we discuss what every PMO and business leader should be thinking about and implementing today.