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Too many projects? Not enough people? With our Meisterplan software, use your experts' time effectively to gain time for important projects and innovation.

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What Is Stopping You from Giving 100 %?

Skilled Labor Shortage

Retaining your experts and their knowledge while focusing on the right projects is very difficult. With Meisterplan, achieve the right balance by reducing idle time and avoiding employee overload, benefiting everyone.

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Complex projects with several methods and tools cause companies to run slowly and inefficiently. With Meisterplan, collect all the information in one place transparently in order to make well rounded decisions.

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Unexpected Changes

Innovating and delivering reliably despite bottlenecks, complexity and a volatile market requires foresight and flexibility. With Meisterplan, overcome this through dynamic planning for multiple scenarios.

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Our Solution-Approach:

Dynamically Manage Employee Allocation across Departments and Silos

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Shortage of Skilled Labor

Maximize Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Develop ideas into reality with the right people. With Meisterplan, you know who is available, when, with how much capacity and with which skills. In this way, you’ll find the right balance between productivity and employee satisfaction.

Complete Important Projects

Put the right people on the most important projects at the right time. This ensures innovation, maximum productivity and reliable delivery.

Efficiently Allocate Employees

Allocate employees to complete the most important projects without causing disruptions in the day-to-day operations or being overworked.

Drive Innovation  

Ensure that all projects contribute to your goals and develop them from start to finish directly in Meisterplan.

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Focus on the Essential Information

Get an overview of your complex project environment by collecting only the essential data and preparing it in such a way that it leads to fast and well-rounded decisions at any time.

Reduce Complexity

Combine all project and employee information in a single tool to enable strategic decision-making, independent of project management.

Streamline Processes

Use the Lean PPM framework to achieve results with maximum efficiency and always be ready to act.

Connect Your Tools

Be open to new ideas and technological opportunities that drive innovation through the simple integration of your most important tools.

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Unexpected changes

Flexible Planning

With Meisterplan, you can dynamically plan with all relevant views and information in one software. Use the simple and interactive views to quickly adapt your plan when unexpected conditions arise.

Create an Overview

Bring all of your information into one tool and use the unique visualization of capacity and projects, so you can see the big picture.

Scenario Planning

Create realistic scenarios for different capacities, priorities and delivery situations to help you plan for the unplannable.

Flexible Rescheduling

Immediately see the effects of redistributing employees, rescheduling projects or setting new priorities with a simple drag and drop.

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The Leading Companies that Are Successful with Meisterplan

Specific Use Cases

On-Time, Reliable Delivery of Customer Projects

The challenge: An essential factor to a company’s success is delivering customer projects on time, which requires careful planning to find skilled and available employees. If your company doesn’t deliver on time, you will lose your customer’s trust customers and your credibility. Finding the capacity to just meet the deadline can cause overtime, employee disastisfaction and eat into profits. But how do you make realistic forecasts?

The solution: In Meisterplan, projects are planned with all of the relevant milestones, dependencies, and necessary roles. It gives you a detailed view of which employees you need, when and for how long. In the interactive views, you can see who is available when, and what impact your project will have on the rest of the portfolio. This allows you to provide realistic commitments and ensure that other projects are not at risk.

On-time, reliable delivery of customer projects in electrical engineering companies.
Drive innovation by reducing idle time in electrical engineering companies.
Drive Innovation by Reducing Idle Time

The challenge: It is extremely difficult to deal with the pressure of delivering innovation as quickly as possible in order to remain competitive. Often, the employees you need are already working on other projects, which delays development. To counteract this, many companies set up dedicated teams and programs that focus on the research and development of new products resulting in daily business falling through the cracks, while increasing the idle time of team members not actively involved.

The solution: With Meisterplan, you can precisely plan the capacities of each individual by taking into account their availability, important project milestones that may affect their deadlines and other responsibilities. This eliminates the need for new teams and unnecessary idle time, maximizing employee performance without having to sacrifice capacity elsewhere. As a result, your company remains competitive by reducing your time to market.

Reliable IT Roadmaps

The challenge: IT departments often lack reliable planning partially due to their agile working methods, multiple dependencies and a lack of visibility and defined processes for prioritizing project proposals across departments. This is especially relevant when coordinating both agile and traditional teams who use different project management tools to attempt to create a uniform process and database.

The solution: With Meisterplan, you can collect all relevant information including capacity data and milestones in one place and format. Our connectors, interfaces and integrations allow you to pull your data whether it comes from an agile , project management or another type of tool, without requiring major changes for the IT department. This ensures management can get a realistic forecast of all teams including agile teams. Additionally, by using our Lean PPM Framework., all relevant stakeholders stay well informed.

Create reliable IT roadmaps in electrical engineering companies.

With Meisterplan, Implementation and Data Maintenance Are a Breeze

The implementation of other software often fails because
  • The maintenance of data is tiresome
  • The added value is not recognized by the departments
  • The tool is not compatible with the daily work routine or their system landscape
The implementation of Meisterplan succeeds because
  • Only the relevant data is required for planning
  • The data can be obtained conveniently via numerous integration and interfaces
  • There is no need for departments to get used to the new software.
  • There are significant, noticeable improvements for everyone involved.

Our Team of Experts Will Ensure Your Success

Meisterplan was developed for your various use cases and together we can help you overcome your biggest challenges with the efficient allocation of resources (employees). To ensure your success we promise to deliver constant improvements, strong service, and up-to-date security standards.

Lean PPM

With Meisterplan and the Lean PPM framework, you reduce portfolio planning to the essentials, unleashing the existing potential of employees while taking into account their well-being. This also maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

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