Board View

View All Initiatives in Your Portfolio

Collect New Initiatives and Focus on Making Decisions Based on Strategy with Our Portfolio Kanban Board

Leading Companies Trust Meisterplan

An Effective Project Intake Process

Collect all of the great project ideas in your organization and turn those ideas into successful projects with the Board View in Meisterplan.

Collect and Manage New Project Ideas

  • Quickly and easily collect new project ideas
  • See the phase and add project details directly in Meisterplan as you collaborate with colleagues to build the idea
  • Convert fully developed project ideas to new initiatives when they are ready to be evaluated

Evaluate New Project Initatives

  • Sort new and current projects in different ways such as by stage gate to gain a clear view of your entire portfolio
  • Add scoring criteria to each initiative and use the Project Score feature to strategically compare each initiative
  • Focus on prioritizing your work based on the strategic value of the initiatives, while taking care of scheduling and capacity planning details later
Collect new project ideas
Use Meisterplan's Board View to make strategic decisions

Make Better Decisions Based on Strategy

  • Avoid getting lost in the details of operational planning by concentrating on the big picture
  • Evaluate and prioritize project initiatives and on-going projects to make the best decisions for your company
  • Add transparency into new initiatives and the status of your current project portfolio to make informed decisions on what work should be implemented
Secondary CTA Webinar

On Demand Webinar: Implementing a Successful Project Intake Process

Understand best practices when it comes to streamlining your project intake process and the right tools needed to help turn new initiatives into successful projects.

Meisterplan helps us deliver our projects on time, within the agreed budget, and in top quality.

Executive Producer | Important Looking Pirates | open_in_new

Måns Björklund

We successfully run 400 projects and 20 programs in our portfolio with Meisterplan. Although many have tried, you can’t manage that many programs and resources in Excel templates. But you can with Meisterplan.

Head of PMO | Siemans Gamesa | open_in_new

Christopher Pearson

Everyday is a Meisterplan Day. Thanks to the simplicity of the product and its excellent usability the Project Portfolio Process PPM was holistically optimized and strategic decisions for projects ensured. Eager to further enhance maturity of PPM with future releases of the product.

CEO | Stadtwerk Winterthur | open_in_new

Thomas Wetterwald

Meisterplan customer Felix Willing

Meisterplan opened our eyes to resource bottlenecks and new portfolio solutions.

CIO | Hella | open_in_new

Felix Willing

Meisterplan allows me to have a more productive conversation when determining the highest priority projects and also see the overall impact to the portfolio.

Program Manager | New Balance | open_in_new

Nina McLaughlin

I believe in the solution and see how it can benefit any company that manages multiple projects simultaneously. Which I think is just about EVERY company!

New Product Development Manager | Bard Manufacturing Company | open_in_new

Derek Walz

With Meisterplan, our resource utilization is more transparent. Due to the seamless integration into our existing processes, we can increase the satisfaction of both our customers and employees.

Managing Director | Ergosign GmbH | open_in_new

Marcus Plach