Meisterplan at Rego University
Meisterplan at Rego University

Highlights from RegoUniversity 2019

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RegoUniversity 2019 brought together more than 350 experts in the PPM and Agile industry in San Diego, CA. The event has traditionally been the largest Clarity PPM and Rally Software learning event in the world. This year’s RegoU was the first to have an additional ServiceNow focus, facilitating a fruitful exchange between current and future IT Business Management (ITBM) users. The Meisterplan team was happy to be able to participate in RegoU for the fifth year in a row, to discuss how Meisterplan provides enhanced resource management and portfolio capabilities to both applications, such as scenario-based what-if analyses.

“We’re doing Agile, aren’t we?” – PPM in a Hybrid Project Environment

The Rego Consulting team pinpointed the “7 Industry Trends for PPM”. One of the learnings is that Agile and traditional methods still co-exist in many organizations and will continue to do so (Waterfall + Agile = Wagile)! Meisterplan as a Lean PPM™ solution works with any methodologies and tools that are behind the underlying project management. Let your teams work the way they want (and do what they do best!). However, from a portfolio perspective, you need a consolidated view. The audience was introduced to Meisterplan for Jira, which brings more visibility into a hybrid project environment, thus offering the PMO more transparency into Agile work as well as projects executed in a traditional fashion.

Rego University 2019

We highly appreciate the opportunity working so closely with some of the leading PPM experts in the world. Our time in San Diego has again been inspiring, we will certainly be back for RegoU 2020!

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