Learn how to pragmatically bridge the gap between upper management and Agile teams.

What You Will Learn in this White Paper

Bridge The Gap Between Agile Teams & Management

Agile work brings many benefits: greater focus on the top priorities, increased productivity and a better ability to adapt and react to changes. While more and more organizations are adopting Agile methodology, very few companies are 100% Agile. Senior management typically understands traditional project management. However, adding Agile to the mix of project methodologies can create a problem.  Oftentimes, management thinks in terms of projects with rigid deadlines, scope and requirements, but the Agile method is more flexible. Agile teams work through a backlog of topics without set completion dates. When one topic is completed, they move on to the next highest priority topic in the backlog. This way of working leads to the question of how does upper management or the portfolio decision-makers include Agile work in the overall plans for their organization and how do they prioritize Agile work in conjunction with traditional projects? In this white paper, you will learn how to bring management and Agile teams together to make better plans and execute more projects.

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • Differences in Planning: How management plans vs. how Agile teams plan

  • Find a Common Ground: How to bring Agile and traditional work together for planning purposes

  • How to Create Transparency with Lean PPM™: Applying a lean framework to better understand and plan for Agile work

  • Manage Agile Teams: With Meisterplan for Jira

Get the Transparency You Need with Meisterplan

“The biggest value that Meisterplan gives us is the ability to communicate across the enterprise what’s being worked on. It adds transparency as to why things are stacked ranked, and it holds people accountable to decisions that were made. This has resulted in more projects being completed on time, and more projects being aligned to a strategy, because they were accurately prioritized.”

Brittany Leigh Jonaitis, Senior Director Program Management, Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP) at ATTOM Data Solutions

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Meisterplan customer Brittany Leigh Jonaitis