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You Need More Than a Spreadsheet

You track your projects in spreadsheets, but how do you see a bird’s eye view of your portfolio? You need more than spreadsheets. When you connect your spreadsheets to Meisterplan, you can:

  • Create a master portfolio and sub-portfolios so you can see all of your projects

  • Track project status and milestone timelines for each project

  • Easily identify dependencies between projects or milestones

  • Get quick answers to what-if questions through scenario planning

Work with clear priorities within the project portfolio management software Meisterplan

Keep Track of Employee and Team Capacity

To prevent project slowdowns, you need to know which people with what skills are available when. Meisterplan makes managing employees and their capacity quick and easy. With Meisterplan you will be able to:

  • Get an accurate overview of employee skills, availability and capacity

  • Allocate staff by role, skill or individual to determine if you have the capacity to deliver

  • Simulate scheduling and project portfolio alternatives to immediately see the impact on resource utilization

  • Easily identify staffing bottlenecks to prevent project slowdowns

Simulating resource capacities across project portfolios

Monitor Budgets Across All Your Projects

Overview of all budgets across project portfolios

Track budgets and financials across your entire project portfolio to stay inline with your financial goals. Never get surprised by a project budget again.

  • Add specific financial expenses for each project or role

  • Clearly see the financial benefit of projects and when the benefits will be delivered

  • Keep track of budgets on the project level or for the entire portfolio

  • See how financial resources are impacted by project changes with real-time simulation

What Customers Love About Meisterplan

New Balance Meisterplan Case Study

“Meisterplan allows me to have a more productive conversation when we‘re trying to do tradeoffs around projects and also looking at what happens as a project slips, what‘s the overall impact to the portfolio? That has been incredibly helpful for me and also incredibly eye-opening for the organization.”

Nina McLaughlin, Program Manager at New Balance

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