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Get Started Fast with Lean PPM

Meisterplan – Your Lean PPM Tool

Everything You Need for PPM

Graphic displaying that portfolio-level project planning plus real-time resource management equals Meisterplan.
Set Up Meisterplan as Your Lean PPM Tool in Just a Few Days.

The introduction of a typical full-scale PPM software requires significant investments – both in terms of initial costs, introductory expenses, and later, maintenance efforts.

Do you want project portfolio management and company-wide resource management to be implemented more quickly, more pragmatically and at an attractive price? Then use the core functions of Meisterplan for your project portfolio and resource management. Meisterplan can be set up within just a few days as a lean planning software.

The Guide to PPM that Finally Works

Project portfolio management can be so easy – with Lean PPM and Meisterplan. In our guide, we will show you step by step how to introduce lean yet effective project portfolio management to your company and how to implement it with Meisterplan. With sub-portfolios, scenario simulation, reporting, and more, you can ensure that the information you need right now is available during each meeting, and that challenges can be resolved as they arise. This ensures that your organization always makes the right decisions for a valuable and achievable portfolio.

Just Enough Functionality to Get the Job Done
Effective project planning and project coordination at the portfolio level
  • Interactive company-wide resource planning

  • Flexible resource management at the role and employee level

  • Management of available capacity by department, role and skill

  • Real-time scenario simulation

  • Continue working with your existing project management tools and methods

  • Replace your Excel-based portfolio planning

Set clear priorities and plan a realistic project portfolio
Quick Start Your PPM
If you and your team already know how you want your PPM and RM to look, then you can configure Meisterplan within a day or two with the following six steps:
  • Form your organizational structure in Meisterplan.

  • Import or enter your resource data directly in Meisterplan.

  • Create custom project information fields and phases.

  • Enter or import projects and known resource requirements.

  • Create templates for your most common projects.

  • Define sub-portfolios during your planning process and assign appropriate planning roles and responsibilities to the applicable people.

What Should You Do Next?

Bring structure to your project portfolio management.

Project Portfolio Management

The ultimate necessity of project portfolio management.

Resource Management

Use our process templates to get started right away.

PPM Templates