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Your Project Portfolio Management Software

Powerful Project Portfolio Management

Build portfolios with the right people working on the most important projects at the best possible time.

  • Create a master portfolio and sub-portfolios so you can see a bird’s eye view of your projects

  • Track project status and milestone timelines for each project

  • Easily identify dependencies between projects or milestones

  • Get quick answers to what-if questions through scenario planning

Work with clear priorities within the project portfolio management software Meisterplan
Simulating resource capacities across project portfolios

Resource Management

Know which people with which skills are available when, so you can assign the right people to the right projects.

  • Get an accurate overview of employee skills, availability and capacity

  • Allocate staff by role, skill or individual to determine if you have the capacity to deliver

  • Simulate scheduling and project portfolio alternatives to immediately see the impact on resource utilization

  • Easily identify staffing bottlenecks to prevent project slowdowns

Strategic Alignment and Project Prioritization

Ensure that the most important projects receive top priority and are aligned to the corporate strategy.

  • Add customized data fields to reflect your strategic business goals

  • Ensure each project is aligned with strategic goals

  • Use the Project Score feature to prioritize and sort the project list

  • Drag and drop projects to easily reorder them if priorities change

Create a project portfolio that is composed of the right projects and aligned with your strategic goals
Overview of all budgets across project portfolios

Financial Management

Track budgets and financials across your entire project portfolio to stay inline with your financial goals.

  • Add specific financial expenses for each project or role

  • Clearly see the financial benefit of projects and when the benefits will be delivered

  • Keep track of budgets on the project level or for the entire portfolio

  • See how financial resources are impacted by project changes with real-time simulation

Project Analytics, Dashboards & Reports

Manage and analyze the performance of your project portfolio to make informed decisions.

  • Immediately visualize plan alternatives with graphical scenario comparisons in the Gantt chart

  • Use integrated pivot reports for better portfolio planning and to easily communicate the benefits of a proposed plan

  • Enrich your data by integrating your existing BI solutions

  • Create your own custom reports to best suit your needs

Displays various possibilites for Reporting and Visual Data Analysis
Teams in project portfolio management work the way they want

A PPM Software that Works with Any Mix of Tools and Methods

Let your teams work the way they want to work.

  • Teams continue to use the tools they love because Meisterplan has no software requirements

  • Receive only the essential data from your teams to make project portfolios

  • Add data directly in Meisterplan or sync with existing tools

  • Invite as many team members as you need to view, edit, or create portfolios

No Tool is Complete Without a Framework

Lean PPM™ is a portfolio management framework that connects  corporate strategy with project management.

The Lean PPM™ process answers some of the most basic and important questions that arise in project portfolio planning.

  • Can we realistically accomplish the work we have committed to?

  • How do we set real priorities when every project is the priority?

  • How do we get up to date and accurate information on employee availability, especially when our project teams all use different tools to manage their work?

  • Once we actually get accurate data, how do we communicate that to the executive team so that we can use that information to make informed decisions and plan our roadmap?

What Customers Love About Meisterplan

New Balance Meisterplan Case Study

“Meisterplan allows me to have a more productive conversation when we‘re trying to do tradeoffs around projects and also looking at what happens as a project slips, what‘s the overall impact to the portfolio? That has been incredibly helpful for me and also incredibly eye-opening for the organization.”

Nina McLaughlin, Program Manager at New Balance

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