Essential Project Portfolio Management

Identify the true priorities in your project portfolio.

Focus on the Essentials and Identify True Priorities

Board meeting using Meisterplan for project portfolio planning
Meisterplan gives you the tools you need to build productive and cohesive portfolios consisting of the right projects and the right people.

Meisterplan will help you see clearly what needs to be done, and what does not. It gives you the ability to quickly adapt to changes in strategy, and to effectively meet the demands of your clients.

Business Strategy
Choose the right projects.
  1. Use the Strategy View and financial impact analytics to make project portfolio decisions based on data, not opinion.
  2. Break down your multi-project planning challenge into manageable parts.
  3. Apply filters and colors to display only the information relevant to your decision-making process.
Meisterplan Strategy View
Learn more about Project Portfolio Responsibility
Project Portfolio Responsibility
Involve the right people.
  1. Create dedicated sub-portfolios to simplify your project portfolio.
  2. Assign project portfolio planning tasks to those in charge.
  3. Work on one integrated plan across your entire organization with our global scenario modes.
Finance Management
Keep track of your budgets.
  1. See, at a glance, how much capital is committed to a project.
  2. Simulate and observe how financial resources are impacted by changes.
  3. Align project portfolios with your budgets.
Project Portfolio Budget Shift
Jesper Mols Rasmussen, R&D Project Execution, Siemens Wind Power

With Meisterplan we have an always up to date visualization of the balance between demand and capacity and management can make portfolio decisions (e.g., Project Go/Kill) based on facts rather than ‘gut feelings’.

Jesper Mols Rasmussen, R&D Project Execution, Siemens Wind Power
Peter Parfitt, Buckinghamshire County Council

With Meisterplan, we can always see what exactly the impact of doing any project is – and it´s really simple to use.

Peter Parfitt, Head of Digital and Customer Experience, Buckinghamshire County Council
Felix Willing, CIO Manroland

Meisterplan opened our eyes to resource bottlenecks and new portfolio solutions.

Felix Willing, PhD, CIO, Nordex SE
Maans Björklund, ILP

Meisterplan helps us deliver our projects on time, within the agreed budget, and in top quality.

Måns Björklund, Executive Producer, Important Looking Pirates
Marcus Plach, Ergosign

With Meisterplan, our resource utilization is more transparent. Due to the seamless integration into our existing processes, we can increase the satisfaction of both our customers and employees.

Marcus Plach, Managing Director, Ergosign GmbH
Marzio Locatelli, Trafag AG

Meisterplan is now a key element of  our portfolio planning. It helps us to make sure that our portfolio is realistic and that we create plans that really work.

Marzio Locatelli, Head of Project Management, Trafag AG
Phil Morris, First Utility

Meisterplan is critical to the management of our project portfolio.

Phil Morris, Head of PMO, First Utility

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