Project Portfolio and Resource Management Combined

All of the essential Meisterplan features to solve your multi-project resource management puzzles.

The Essential Features for Your Meisterplan

Meisterplan gives you all of the essential features that you need for effective resource management and realistic project portfolio management. Ensure your plans are aligned to strategy and budget. Communicate your plan through the interactive user interface, through visual scenario comparison or through traditional or Tableau reporting. Plus, Meisterplan integrates with leading applications to ensure smooth consolidation of data and to ensure that you have just the right information to make the best decisions.

Divide and Master your Project Portfolio

Meisterplan Features:
Portfolio Manager
Custom Fields

Instead of looking at your entire portfolio with hundreds of projects, reduce complexity by using the Portfolio Manager to create dedicated portfolios. This gives you a clear overview of only the projects that are important to you. You can further customize your sub-portfolios to easily divide the project planning work with Meisterplan’s multi-dimensional, customizable fields.

Meisterplan divide Project Portfolio
Meisterplan Scenario Mode
Plan in Scenario Mode

Meisterplan Features:
Plan of Record
Scenario Manager
Scenario Simulations

With Meisterplan, you can simulate changes by using scenarios to immediately see the impact of changes made to your project portfolio without affecting the Plan of Record, or current operating plan. Essentially, scenarios work in a global fashion. Your organization will work in one scenario for planning and once that new plan is approved the scenario is applied as the new Plan of Record. This ensures that you create integrated plans across your organization.

Work with True Priorities

Meisterplan Features:
Create New Projects
Project Rank
Cut-Off Line

You can create a new project directly in Meisterplan or import the project from another source. You can also easily rank your projects by priority with a simple drag and drop. If there is a resource conflict, the resource will be assigned to the project with the highest rank. The cut-off line also acts as a clear indicator of which projects are currently inside or outside of your portfolio.

Meisterplan True Priorities
Meisterplan Stage Gate Processes
Easily Manage Stage Gate Processes

Meisterplan Features:
Custom Fields
User Rights Management

Stage gate processes are handled with a combination of custom fields used to identify the stage gates, and sub-portfolios containing only the subsets of projects in the respective stages. Field rights can also be set to ensure that only authorized users are able to edit information relevant to the stage gate.

Manage Your Pipeline

Meisterplan Features:
Project Templates
Custom Fields
Financial Events

Meisterplan offers 3 main elements to help you manage your pipeline. The first is project templates, which you can use to define standard projects with standard resource or role allocations and quickly assess whether a project easily fits into your portfolio. The second element is custom fields, which can be added to your project descriptions. The third element is the ability to add financial events to your projects.

Meisterplan Pipeline Management
Meisterplan Strategic Balance
Strategic Balance

Meisterplan Features:
Strategy Mode

The Strategy View helps you interactively create a portfolio that is composed of the right projects and aligned with your strategic goals so that you and your stakeholders can be sure that your portfolio is strategically balanced.

Interdepartmental Staffing

Meisterplan Features:
Role-Based Staffing
Resource-Based Staffing
Gantt Chart
Gantt Color Scheme

Whether you will build your teams with staff from multiple departments or from locations globally, you can determine the amount of capacity available and make role-based staffing requests. Individuals or roles can be quickly added to your projects to immediately see the impact on capacity. For additional transparency across departments, you can allow visibility to projects and resources outside of specific portfolios on a read-only basis. Another collaboration feature is customizing the Gantt Chart using the Gantt Color Scheme to quickly identify which roles need staffing.

Meisterplan Interdepartmental Staffing
Meisterplan Capacity Simulation
Capacity Simulation

Meisterplan Features:
Role-Based Capacity Simulation
Scenario Comparison Report

If business is booming and the solid team that you have built is currently working at full capacity, you will need to know the “what ifs” of adding capacity so that you can meet all of your customers’ needs. In Meisterplan, you can easily simulate capacity changes by adding role-based capacity. You can also use the Scenario Comparison Report to keep track of your assumptions.

Keep Track of Your Budgets

Meisterplan Features:
Opex and Capex Budgets
Benefit and Revenue Budgets
Financial Events
Resource Impact Simulation

With Meisterplan, you will see, at a glance, how much capital is committed to a project to easily identify your most profitable projects and ensure that your project portfolio is in line with your budgets. With a simple drag and drop, you can simulate and observe how financial resources are impacted by changes to projects.

Meisterplan Budget
Meisterplan Communication
Crystal Clear Communication of Plan Changes

Meisterplan Features:
Graphical Scenario Comparision
Scenario Comparison Report

The Graphical Scenario Comparison gives you a visual comparison of two scenarios. You are able to quickly report changes to your plan, even on the spot during meetings with senior management. Plus, you can transfer individual projects from the comparison scenario to the active scenario, so you can make quick decisions regarding timing and staffing of projects or revert changes back to the original plan. This Scenario Comparison serves as a useful complement to the Scenario Comparison Report to gain visibility to different scenario alternatives as you plan.

Reporting and Visual Data Analysis

Meisterplan Features:
Internal reporting
Scenario Comparison Report
Graphical Scenario Comparison

With Meisterplan’s interactive user interface, scenario comparison capabilities and internal reporting features, you will see and analyze your data in real-time. This makes in depth analysis effortless so that you can find answers and make the best decisions without wasting any time or effort.

Meisterplan Reporting
Meisterplan BI Reporting
Essential Business Intelligence

Meisterplan Features:
BI Integrations
Tableau Software
SAP Business Objects

Access your Meisterplan portfolio plans with your existing BI solutions, including Tableau and Business Objects, to enrich your Meisterplan data and gain completely new analysis options by incorporating your company’s existing data sources.

All Data in One Tool

Meisterplan integrates with:
MS Excel
MS Project Server
MS Sharepoint
Webservice API
Database Connector

Meisterplan gives you the ability to consolidate all of your data from multiple sources – various project management software, numerous spreadsheets, and even individual plans from managers. Thanks to existing plug-and-play integrations (CA PPM®, SmartSheet®, MS Excel®), flexible integration options (Universal Database Connector, Webservice API, MS Excel®) as well as our network of specialized integrations (MS Project Server®, SAP®, aXc®) you can be sure that your software solution is efficiently integrated with Meisterplan and that you have the most important data all in one place and at your fingertips when you need it.

Meisterplan all data one Tool
Phil Morris, First Utility

Meisterplan is critical to the management of our project portfolio.

Phil Morris, Head of PMO, First Utility
Peter Parfitt, Buckinghamshire County Council

With Meisterplan, we can always see what exactly the impact of doing any project is – and it´s really simple to use.

Peter Parfitt, Head of Digital and Customer Experience, Buckinghamshire County Council
Marzio Locatelli, Trafag AG

Meisterplan is now a key element of  our portfolio planning. It helps us to make sure that our portfolio is realistic and that we create plans that really work.

Marzio Locatelli, Head of Project Management, Trafag AG
Marcus Plach, Ergosign

With Meisterplan, our resource utilization is more transparent. Due to the seamless integration into our existing processes, we can increase the satisfaction of both our customers and employees.

Marcus Plach, Managing Director, Ergosign GmbH
Maans Björklund, ILP

Meisterplan helps us deliver our projects on time, within the agreed budget, and in top quality.

Måns Björklund, Executive Producer, Important Looking Pirates
Jesper Mols Rasmussen, R&D Project Execution, Siemens Wind Power

With Meisterplan we have an always up to date visualization of the balance between demand and capacity and management can make portfolio decisions (e.g., Project Go/Kill) based on facts rather than ‘gut feelings’.

Jesper Mols Rasmussen, R&D Project Execution, Siemens Wind Power
Felix Willing, CIO Manroland

Meisterplan opened our eyes to resource bottlenecks and new portfolio solutions.

Felix Willing, PhD, CIO, Nordex SE
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