Building a global IT Project Roadmap with Meisterplan Building a global IT Project Roadmap with Meisterplan

Leading Companies Trust Meisterplan

Leading companies all over the world trust Meisterplan to Make Plans That Work. 

Leading Companies Trust Meisterplan

Leading companies all over the world trust Meisterplan to Make Plans That Work. Our powerful PPM tool helps companies manage project pipelines from initiation to completion, prioritize the most important projects, and use real-time scenario planning to answer “What-If” questions. When used with our Lean PPM™ framework, portfolio management is simple, efficient, and extremely flexible.

Our Customers Make Plans That Work with Meisterplan

Learn how Meisterplan helps customers in your industry solve their multi-project resource management puzzles – despite tight staffing levels, rigid timelines and changing project realities – so that they can deliver on their promises.

PPM for Financial Institutions

Financial Services

  • Create realistic and comprehensive project portfolios with all your data in one dashboard
  • Manage and assign key people to the right projects
  • Simulate scenarios in real-time to make strategic decisions about projects, resources and programs
  • Make complex multi-project portfolios easy to understand with clear visuals

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Portfolio management for PMOs in Biotech

Health & Life Sciences

  • Customize the project score feature to objectively determine project priority
  • See available employees, skills and roles across the entire organization
  • Use real-time scenarios to answer What-If questions
  • Immediately recognize the impact of changes to the whole project portfolio

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PPM for Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education

  • See all of your projects and their interdependencies in one dashboard
  • Quickly get an overview of employee skills, availability and capacity
  • Visualize the impact of changes to the project portfolio in real-time
  • Use customizable reports to easily evaluate projects

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Meisterplan for the Energy Industry


  • Adapt to changes in investment priorities
  • Revise projects based on changes in the market
  • Create an integrated plan for maintenance, R&D, and new initiatives
  • Easily identify staffing requirements and bottlenecks

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Engineering and Construction Customers

Engineering & Construction

  • Align staffing requirements with projects.
  • Manage staff across delivery, maintenance, R&D, organizational development, and IT
  • Quickly identify staffing constraints to keep projects on track
  • Develop cohesive, comprehensive portfolios

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Information & Communication Technology Customers

Information Technology

  • Easily plan resources across the entire organization
  • Match current capacity with your demand pipeline
  • Monitor all important project details in one intuitive dashboard
  • Manage traditional, agile or hybrid projects in one intuitive dashboard

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