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Face the Crisis Head On with the Right Tools

A distributed workforce dealing with uncertainty, remote project teams finding new ways to work, and stark economic pressures influencing business priorities are all challenges in today’s environment. Meisterplan helps organizations navigate the challenges of today’s dynamic markets by giving you the confidence to make sound decisions. With interactive project portfolio management, real-time scenario simulation and an intuitive interface, companies can easily make plans that work. Meisterplan supports the way teams work across tools and methods while still providing a dynamic dashboard to visualize and optimize work and people.  

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“Without Meisterplan, portfolio decisions during crises like this are not well-informed and have unpredictable outcomes.”

Carly Santer, Bayer

Swiftly Adapt to Uncertainty

The entire world is seeing unprecedented levels of disruption. Organizations need to swiftly adapt so they can continue to serve their customers. As a project portfolio management (PPM) tool, Meisterplan allows organizations to make key decisions while retaining the flexibility needed for these dynamic times.

  • Learn how our Lean PPM™ framework can help guide portfolio decision making
  • Reevaluate and reprioritize all of your projects with our customizable project score for an objective measure of project priority
  • Immediately see the impact of project changes on your entire portfolio in real-time
  • Evaluate possible portfolio alternatives with our scenario comparison feature
During times of uncertainty, strategic prioritization is highly important

Easily Manage Remote Workers

Planning work is not the same as it was just months ago. People are juggling their work with caring for children or loved ones and are faced with working in an environment with many distractions. Meisterplan equips companies with transparency and real-time employee data to overcome the challenges of managing remote workers and continuing to get work finished on time.

  • Search your employees for specific roles, skills and individuals
  • Allocate people to projects on the role or individual level to fit your planning needs
  • Effortlessly spot people who are over or under allocated on projects
  • See the immediate impact of changes on worker availability
  • Customize the worker utilization rate to fit the level of productivity
Meisterplan helps managing remote resources

Make Dynamic Decisions with Confidence

The only certainty in this crisis is that companies must react to fast-paced change. This requires making big decisions often and quickly. Acquiring the information necessary to make solid decisions can be time-consuming, but organizations don’t have time to waste. Meisterplan surfaces the information required for dynamic decision making that allows organizations to quickly answer questions and enable action.

  • Immediately answer “What-If” questions with different scenarios
  • Harness real-time data to inform your portfolio decisions and see the impact of change
  • Use pre-configured and customized reports to understand how your project teams work
  • View all relevant project information in one easy to understand dashboard
Make dynamic portfolio decisions with Meisterplan