Speed up your project and portfolio management with Meisterplan's latest update

When you can accomplish core tasks in your project portfolio and resource management software much faster, you can better focus on designing your portfolio. That’s exactly what we aimed for with our latest Meisterplan update – “Project and Allocation Editing Simplified”, which was released today.

Get Things Done Faster in Meisterplan

To help you speed up your project portfolio and resource management, we went to work on the essentials in Meisterplan: Creating projects, editing project details, adding resources, changing allocations – all of these tasks can now be accomplished much faster thanks to the more intuitive user interface. See for yourself:

Some highlights:

  • Edit project details in a new window right next to the project name
  • Add resources directly in the project list
  • Edit allocations right below the project bar
  • Define the start and end time for a project right when you create it
  • Define the default allocation unit in the Project View settings

You can watch all our video tutorials depicting new and updated functions here.

Updated Mobile Apps and Integrations

Changes have been made to our integrations, for example the Reporting Database and the SOAP interface, which will require adjustments for some users. And if you use the MyProjects Apps, you need to update to the newest version. Feel free to contact your Customer Success representative if you have any questions. You can also see the full release notes for this update Help Center.

Thank You for Your Feedback

We thank all our customers and partners for their input and feedback leading up to this release. If you have any thoughts regarding our updated interface or ideas on how we can make Meisterplan even better for you, please let us know.

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