In this four-part series, Dr. Jörg Leute examines the question why it is so complex to establish a stable project portfolio using common means. Why do those “shadow excel files” exist, being used beyond P6 without any official approval in order to determine the project portfolio? The suggested solution is a novel, intuitive and collaborative software to simulate and rate project portfolios, used on top of Primavera P6.

Meisterplan Successful Project Portfolio 4

Part 4: Implementation of a Successful Project Portfolio

It always surprises our clients how quickly Meisterplan can be implemented and used. Instead of week-long workshops, Meisterplan is ready after a few training days. The reason for this is straightforward: user-friendly software requires less time for training. Since all of the essential portfolio functions are already available, the software is ready to be used once your data is uploaded. Meisterplan can be installed onsite or used as Software as a Service (SaaS). Either option saves you time and money by not requiring additional internal hardware.

A Healthy Project Portfolio

Will Meisterplan automatically generate an optimal portfolio? Not by itself, but the software provides the tools at your fingertips to do so. Using Meisterplan, you’ll be able to find a solution that exploits the existing budgets and capacities while prioritizing the projects that best align to the company goals. As Felix Willing, PhD of Nordex SE from Hamburg, Germany puts it, “Meisterplan opened our eyes for resource bottlenecks and new portfolio solutions.”

Meisterplan as a software will help you to plan project timelines, capacities and dependencies. It supports you in the quest to organize which projects should take priority or which ones can be pushed out depending on cost expenditures and revenue. The tool can also be prompted to make suggestions using the “’Suggest Best Fit” feature. As Philipp Detemple of the Consors Bank in Nürnberg states, “Meisterplan saves us a lot of time in our portfolio simulation work. The things we did in half-of-a day are now done in a few minutes.”

Meisterplan supports you through the decision-making process for outsourcing by displaying the pros and cons. Additionally, the tool ranks which competencies are important or which ones should be removed. Thórhildur Gunnarsdóttir from Arion Banki in Reykjavik, Iceland puts it this way: “Meisterplan helps us to build feasible portfolios and make sound outsourcing decisions.”

Meisterplan supports you to create a healthy project portfolio. Use Meisterplan and build a solid project portfolio without planning confusion, without contradictions, and without finger pointing. Meisterplan, is a project portfolio management software that actually works.

Photo a a team collaborating together for a healthy project portfolio

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