Less Talk, More Action – Meisterplan Highlights from Smartsheet Engage 2017

Smartsheet Engage Keynote Address by CEO Mark Mader

In Bellevue, Washington on September 19th, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader welcomed over 1,000 Smartsheet clients and partners to Smartsheet’s inaugural customer conference: Smartsheet Engage.

Meisterplan congratulates Smartsheet on this fantastic event, and for making further significant steps towards becoming a work management tool that organizations can use at scale.

Work Management at Scale

Smartsheet as a company is growing fast – and so is the adoption of Smartsheet in organizations. While users love the flexibility they get with the familiar spreadsheet interface, corporate project portfolio coordinators were lacking the means to ensure consistency across the sheets, which in turn made managing a large number of projects a challenge.

At Engage 2017, Smartsheet presented a number of features aimed at better supporting corporate clients in their project portfolio management.

The main issue that Smartsheet is focusing on is the lack of central control over sheets. To resolve this issue Smartsheet introduced the new Control Center, which as the name indicates gives the user central control over sheet setup. This feature adds functionality such as adding and modifying columns as well as the ability to deploy project templates, allowing for more consistency. If you are interested in this new feature, be sure to contact your Smartsheet rep for more information.

We’re looking forward to additional updates in Q1 2018 including an all new mobile app as well as improvements to how data is visualized in Smartsheet, such as grouping and summary formulas in reports and native charts.

Meisterplan + Smartsheet = Work Collaboration + PPM + Resource Management

Other exciting news especially for those who use both Meisterplan and Smartsheet is that in 1st quarter 2018 there will be changes regarding project metadata that will further facilitate the import and export of data between Smartsheet and Meisterplan.

Smartsheet is taking big steps to be a more robust and corporate-friendly project management application, and we look forward to a continued partnership with them. Now using Smartsheet in combination with Meisterplan makes even more sense. You will get the work management features you know and love plus project portfolio and resource management functions that you need to successfully manage multiple projects.

We want to thank Smartsheet for putting together this event, and we are already looking forward to Smartsheet Engage 2018!

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