Pull together to manage your project portfolio

Start planning your project portfolio by taking into account your company objectives as well! With our project portfolio management software Meisterplan we provide a tool for clearly constituting and planning project portfolios. At all times you have your resources and budgets under control. Meisterplan 4.2 now allows for the consideration of business objectives when planning a project portfolio. With its intuitive logic and one-of-a-kind layout, project portfolios can be clearly planned like never before. This latest feature enables the user to keep an eye on budgets AND resources at the same time. Simulate various scenarios to test the viability of current portfolios or the feasibility of new project ideas.

Our most recent version assists users by allowing them to delve deeper into operations than ever before. Seamlessly drag and drop to assign your projects to objectives. A revamped view instantly answers pertinent questions such as:

  • What will it cost me to implement certain business goals?

  • Do the current project priorities fit with my roadmap?

  • How much capacity is available for important projects and daily business operations?

Heavy dependece upon the relationship between projects, resources, budgets, and strategies can make following a plan confusing and costly. With Meisterplan, you get your planning freedom back. As a project portfolio manager, you can align your plan with strategic requirements. Additionally, you can quickly communicate necessary reprioritizations allowing you to visualize the added value to your project portfolio. Using the results of the portfolio scenarios, you can provide well-founded reasons why certain projects must be implemented or why no resources are available for an additional project. In this way, you can precisely implement projects that are more aligned to your company objectives.

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