Simplified IT Portfolio and Resource Planning Webinar

Resource Planning at Citrix with Meisterplan: From Pain to Gain

The Meisterplan team enjoyed being a part of a webinar hosted by our partner ResultsPositive on August 8th. In the webinar, Jon Furner from ResultsPositive and Brian Hintz from Meisterplan discussed how companies can use Meisterplan to simplify their portfolio and resource planning and also gave a quick demo of the tool.

Jon outlined the benefits of using Meisterplan including:

  • simplified IT portfolio and resource planning,
  • lean strategic planning,
  • what-if scenario planning,
  • the ability to leverage PPM data,
  • and to optimize PPM return on investment.
Jon Furner ResultsPositive CEO

Jon Furner, ResultsPositive CEO

“We are excited about our partnership with Meisterplan. Through our partnership, we can provide our customers with the simplification they have been searching for to easily prioritize, analyze, and plan workable portfolio roadmaps with complete visibility into resource capacity and available budgets. Customers will now be able to easily make informed project investment decisions with expected business results.”

Brian continued the presentation explaining Meisterplan’s Lean PPM method and how the application supports that method. He demonstrated how with Meisterplan, you’ll get:

  1. Resolutions to your resource constraints in real time
  2. Interactive simulations of what-if scenarios
  3. Top-down project portfolio management based on your own project data

If you missed the live webinar, but want to learn more about how Meisterplan can simplify your portfolio and resource planning, a recorded version of the webinar is available below. Or you can start your free trial of Meisterplan today.

Ready to Simplify Your Portfolio and Resource Planning?

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Karoline Holicky brings not only her southern charm and Cajun cooking (Louisiana born and Texas raised), but as the Marketing Director at Meisterplan, she also brings 15 years of professional experience in many industries including financial services, engineering, oil & gas and the software industry. Karoline watches for best practices and trends in PPM because her main goal is to help companies improve their project portfolio management and resource planning so that they can make plans that work.