Meisterplan international

Let’s take a look at the new features in Meisterplan that make it even easier to simplify and manage your resources and project portfolio.

Bienvenue dans Meisterplan!

In addition to English and German, Meisterplan can now be used in French. Easily set your language preference in the settings in My Account, and all menus will then be displayed in the language of your choice.

Meisterplan in French

New Update Features At a Glance

Now you can learn about all of the new features as soon as Meisterplan is updated. When you first log in to Meisterplan after an update, a dialog box will open displaying the new features of the update.  If you want to review this information after your first log in, then you can open the About Meisterplan menu item and click Release Notes.

Meisterplan new Update Features at a glance

A Smoother Integration with Smartsheet and Meisterplan for Efficient Resource Management

Now there is an even smoother integration process between Smartsheet, the world’s leading Excel alternative, with our lean solution Meisterplan for interactive and fast resource management.

Meisterplan Smartsheet Allocation Import

New updates to the integration with Smartsheet include:

  • Only resources assigned as project manager or assigned to a task will be imported to Meisterplan when no Resource Sheet is selected. This gives you more control over which resources are imported.
  • You can now choose to import email addresses from the optional Email column in Smartsheet.
  • You can search for a Project Report or Resource Sheet.
  • You can now import Allocations from Smartsheet. If the allocation percentage value is set in Smartsheet, then the resource will be imported with that given value. If no value is set in Smartsheet, the resource will import with 100% allocation.
  • When using a Resource Sheet to import resources, you have the Option to assign roles to Tasks and import allocations of a role Level.

More Choices with Excel Import

You now have more choices when importing your data from Excel, so that you can be assured that you have all of the information that you need to focus on what is most important and simplify your resource and project portfolio management.

Meisterplan Import from Excel

New updates to the integration with Excel:

There is a new option in the Main Menu to Import from Excel directly into your Plan of Record in Meisterplan. (Please note: The Excel import may behave different from the Excel Connector in some cases. For more information, please see the Online Help). There are two modes with available with the Excel import:

  • Keep and update (default) allows you to keep all data in the Plan of Record, update the data and add new items.
  • Delete and replace allows you to delete the existing data inside Meisterplan and replace it with the newly imported projects, resources and roles.

The Excel Connector now includes a folder icon, which allows you to immediately choose your Excel template and import the data.

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