Meisterplan habla español

Meisterplan in Spanish available

We have good news for our customers who prefer Español: Meisterplan is now available in Spanish! In addition to English, German, and French, we are very happy to accommodate the many requests to add Spanish so that Meisterplan is even more convenient for our customers. Con gusto!

We are excited that it is now even easier for our customers in Latin America and Spain to work with Meisterplan. This update will also benefit international companies so that their multilingual teams can work together in Meisterplan for an optimal project portfolio and resource management that really works.

Meisterplan in Spanish: Setting the Language

Settings for Meisterplan in Spanish

If you have not yet experienced how quickly and conveniently Meisterplan can improve your project portfolio and resource management, start your free trial or request a demo today! Or if you are a current customer with ideas on how we can further improve Meisterplan, please contact us. We are always happy to hear from you!

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About the Author: Annegret Widmer

Annegret Widmer has ended her years-long love-hate relationship with Excel as a PPM and RM tool for an agency and now helps companies and organizations discover Meisterplan and best practices for resource planning and project portfolio management. When she’s not moving pixels or resources as marketing manager at Meisterplan, she’s moving game pieces across one board or another.