Meisterplan Highlights from RegoUniversity 2017

This is the 3rd year that the Meisterplan team has participated at RegoUniversity, and the 2017 event in San Antonio, TX did not disappoint! We want to give a big shout-out to the Rego Team who really went above and beyond to make this a successful event.

Our Highlights from the Event

Stephan Anders, Director of Meisterplan North America teamed up with Josh Leone, CIO of Rego Consulting, to present Project Portfolio Simulation with Meisterplan. Stephan explained to the 150 participants how Meisterplan is a dynamic and interactive PPM tool that adds intuitive portfolio simulation and extended resource planning to your existing PM and PPM tools like CA PPM and Smartsheet. Meisterplan helps you achieve your goal of executing your business strategy by doing the most beneficial projects, and ensuring the right people work on the right projects at the right time.

In the Advanced Portfolio Analytics class, Jenn Scarlato, Senior Solution Consultant from Rego Consulting, also identified ways that Meisterplan provides advanced analytics. These include Outcome Comparisons and What If Scenario Planning – where you can compare different portfolio plans side by side to see the impact of implementing one set of projects over another. She also highlighted Meisterplan’s ability to automate the optimization of your portfolio based on resource balancing.

Stephan also had the opportunity to pair up with Jenn again in the Portfolio Management Best Practice Class where he enjoyed presenting Meisterplan to the class and participating in the Q&A session to better help the attendees understand portfolio management.

Another highlight for the Meisterplan team was the one-on-one conversations with participants during the labs, where we gained more insight into what the attendees need from project portfolio management, and where we could further explain the ways that Meisterplan can fill in the gaps in PPM and resource management.

Stephan Anders of Meisterplan at RegoUniversity 2017

So, again, we have to thank Rego Consulting for putting together such an informational and engaging networking event! We can’t wait until RegoUniversity 2018!

If you were unable to attend the event, and want to learn more about Meisterplan, please feel free to contact us. To learn more about our partner Rego Consulting, please contact them here.

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