Photo of a a Manager with freedom of choice thanks to Meisterplan 5.0

Often, your Project Portfolio Management solution relies heavily on Microsoft Excel, or you have to invest in an additional, very complex project management solution that still doesn’t truly solve your problem. With Meisterplan 5.0, you get the freedom of choice. You can:

  • use Meisterplan with Excel as the backbone

  • use Meisterplan with your existing PM or PPM solution for added value

  • use Meisterplan as your stand-alone Lean PPM for an easy, fast and smart solution.

Save time and see the big picture with Meisterplan 5.0

Meisterplan is easy to learn. In a fraction of the time it takes to learn other software, you will already be up and running with your project portfolio. With Meisterplan’s interactive features, you can quickly add new projects, identify and assign your available resources and determine your most profitable projects. All of this while ensuring that your projects are aligned with your corporate strategy. Decision-makers can see the big picture from all points of view: strategy, finances, and resource management.

Meisterplan is very versatile in its capabilities. It can be used in the cloud or on premise. You can use Meisterplan as a stand-alone software: simply open your software and begin adding new projects and resources. Meisterplan integrates with multiple other software including Excel, Smartsheet, MS Project, and Oracle Primavera. For example, you can quickly import your project and resource data using Excel. You can also combine operational project planning with strategic project portfolio management by using Meisterplan in conjunction with Smartsheet. Meisterplan will become your hub for all of your project portfolio needs and activities.

Updating your data in Meisterplan has been made even easier with Meisterplan 5.0. With just a few clicks, you can update roles, resources, skills, business structure and your calendar. Whether you choose to update your data directly in Meisterplan or upload from Excel, you will find using Meisterplan is quick and easy, saving your time for more important things.

How is Meisterplan unique?

Meisterplan is designed with simplicity in mind. You can get a clear view of your entire project portfolio and an overview of all of your resources, including roles and skills, without needing to open multiple windows or tabs.

Meisterplan brings resource management to a new level of efficiency. Not only can you add and assign resources to projects, but you can also analyze resource utilization and evaluate alternatives. Meisterplan is designed to help you identify and eliminate bottleneck resources before they even occur.

Another unique aspect of Meisterplan is its real-time scenario planning capability. While in Scenario mode, you can foresee the outcome of specific changes and ensure that you are making better business decisions. Without affecting your permanent plan of record and simply with a click of a mouse, you can adjust your project portfolio to determine:

  • whether your plan is realistic

  • if capacity allows for more projects

  • whether any departments are overloaded

  • the optimal time and place for each project

Once you are satisfied with your scenario, effortlessly apply it as your plan of record.

If you are not already using Meisterplan, now is your opportunity with Meisterplan 5.0!

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