Neue Funktionen in Meisterplan 4.7 erleichtern Planung
Meisterplan Smartsheet

Meisterplan 4.7 enables you to combine operational project planning with strategic project portfolio management. This is achieved by the new interface between Smartsheet and Meisterplan. Moreover, the new version offers more transparency when it comes to violated milestones and the possibility to rapidly change the capacities of your resources.

The new version also supports Windows 10 in connection with Chrome and the Meisterplan-Client.

Easier, faster, more transparent: Continuous Planning of Projects, Portfolios and Resources

Smartsheet is the leading Saas-solution for interactive collaboration used by companies of any size. Millions of people plan their projects, tasks and responsibilities with this interactive and web-based alternative to Microsoft Excel and with that improve their productivity and degree of collaboration.

Thanks to the new interface between Meisterplan 4.7 and Smartsheet, you are now able to use the potential of both of these solutions. This enables you not only to master the organization of complex projects quickly and interactively but also to make use of the strategic component of Meisterplan for the management of your project portfolio as well as your resources. Your overall project- and resource planning will be simplified, accelerated and more transparent.

Further new features of Meisterplan 4.7

Meisterplan Kapazitaetsplanung

Adapt the capacity utilization of your resources faster

Integrating planned vacation or parental leaves into a project portfolio software often is very complicated or simply impossible. However, taking these foreseeable periods of absence into account is very important for the overall planning of a project portfolio. Meisterplan offers you two possibilities to integrate these changes in capacity into your planning.

  • Directly in Meisterplan: Change the available capacity of the affected resource in the corresponding time interval on a percentage basis

  • In your excel sheet: Change the capacity utilization of the affected resource in your Excel sheet and subsequently import this resource to Meisterplan

Consistent Colored Highlighting of Milestones with Violated Dependencies

Milestones which were violated in their dependencies used to be highlighted in color whenever the respective project was selected or touched per mouse over. This was changed with the new version 4.7: From now on, violated milestones will be highlighted permanently, so you are able to spot problems with your project portfolio planning immediately and independent from specific project selections. Further information as well as a visualization of the violated dependencies can be made visible as usual per mouse over.

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