Meisterplan 4.5 faciliates your project work

Meisterplan 4.5 now offers a superior reporting structure, streamlined key functionalities and built-in online help. In one view, Meisterplan cleanly displays the relationship of your overall project portfolio, resources, budget and corporate strategy. Plan your project portfolio easier and even better with these intuitive and improved functionalities.

Reporting outside the box

Geo, bubble and heat map reporting options all available in a few mouse clicks? Meisterplan 4.5 integrates world-leading reporting tools to share with key decision makers. Select from the standard reporting options to export as an Excel Pivot, PDF, HTML or a weblink.

Or take complete control of your report’s design and layout by using the integrated Tableau functionality.

This in-house feature gives you complete control of reporting. Easily change your reporting structure to a scatter plot, histogram, bubble chart, etc., to display what best suits your needs. All reporting functionality can now be accessed from the customizable Reports Manager.

Meisterplan Report Tableau Bubble Chart Laptop
Meisterplan Tablet Cover

The Menu Tab aka the “Command Center”

Find all key functions of Meisterplan in one place on the menu tab. Click on this tab to quickly take you to overviews of Strategy, Scenarios and Portfolio. You can also access the customizable admin/options settings here, as well as the online help features.

SOS – online help is here!

Also contained under the menu tab is Online Help. Here you can find comprehensive information about Meisterplan. Access the Meisterplan User’s Guide for a complete description of all system functions. This guide helps to clarify the internal processes and specific parameters, for example the rules for a FTE as well as clear definitions of all views and modes.

Use the How To manual to get an understanding for the basic steps in adding a new project, planning with scenarios or the import / export features for Excel. Refer back to the Meisterplan Administrator’s Guide for specific information regarding proper operational requirements.

Meisterplan Online Help in Tablet Screen

Strategy synopsis in one click

To better help you see your business strategy and create an action plan, this overview is now readily available in Meisterplan.  Find the strategy view on the menu tab and in one click generate a detailed overview of the portfolio.

This interactive and color-coded view neatly organizes your project data aligned to your business goals. For any changes, simply change a project’s classification by dragging and dropping it into a different business goal.

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