Good news: Meisterplan 4.3 is out now

Use Meisterplan to align your project portfolio, resources and budgets with your corporate strategy and align available capacities with resource demands. The new functionality of Version Meisterplan 4.3 gives you the quickest, most complete overview of your project portfolio to date, and allows you to plan projects and resources more efficiently than ever before.

Instantly see what phase a project is in

At the outset, define individual project phases such as planning, implementation, review, and delivery. Use milestones to divide your project into individual phases. Phases are marked in different colors to allow you to instantly see what phase a project is in. As a project portfolio manager, you get a quick overview of all important information relating to your ongoing projects at the beginning of the week or month. This saves you the time normally spent reading status reports.

Meisterplan Projektphasen Rahmen

Utilize employees according to their skill sets

Meisterplan Skills

Certain projects require specific skill sets from their participants. In Meisterplan 4.3 you can store detailed information under Roles and Resources and then take information into account as early as the project planning stage. This enables you to assign specific resources that possess a desired skill set. This feature will expose possible resource constraints at an early stage allowing you to avoid conflicts. Utilizing the best resources for the project will secure it’s success from the outset.

Meisterplan also helps you create a sustainable employee utilization plan. Create an extensive profile so that you may offer your employees diverse activities that correspond to their individual skills. This will raise their motiviation and productivity.

Filter projects and resources even more precisely

Use the expanded filter functions for an even better overview of your projects and resources. Filter your projects by business goal, primary role, status, and custom fields or perform a targeted search for specific resources. With just a few mouse clicks, combinable feature query gives you a skillset overview of all internal or external employees with a specific primary role. This enables an even faster, more targeted selection of desired resources, which frees up time to concentrate on critical projects and those spur of the moment meetings.

Meisterplan Filter

Create new projects even faster

Meisterplan Projekt duplizieren

Use the Duplicate function to create projects even faster. Define typical project phases for your company within a project template. Assign roles while accounting for necessary resources, and add information such as costs, business goals, or customized information. With one click, you can duplicate this template to adapt it for new projects. There is no need to assign project phases, milestones, and resources.

You can also perform a feasibility study faster for new projects. With just a few mouse clicks, you can see whether a new project is feasible and provide Management with well-grounded information.

Define your own fields for specific project information

Customize Meisterplan for your company-specific requirements. For instance, in the new Version 4.3, you can create your own fields for your project portfolio with text, date, or currency content. Store information relevant to your company directly within your projects.

Customized fields can also be used to classify your projects. The newly, expanded filter takes your custom fields into acocunt enabling you to display all projects that have a specific, targeted feature.

Meisterplan eigene Felder

Set targets and organize costs and benefits more efficiently

Meisterplan Zielwerte

Two new features offer you even greater convenience when working with costs and benefits.

  • Store target values for your costs and benefits. Then, use them to compare your set target with the planned value at intervals of your choosing.

  • Assign financial events to a specific date. Incidental costs or subsequent benefits can now also be assigned outside the project period.

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