Meisterplan 2017 – A Year in Review

As 2017 draws to a close, we are happy to look back at another amazing year and look forward with great anticipation to the future of Meisterplan in 2018!

What a year!

We’ve always known that software alone is not the answer. Software is merely tool for people who are part of a team and a company. We took that to heart in 2017. We thought a lot about these people, teams and companies. We talked to them, summarizing their insights, constantly thinking about and trying to understand their problems to come up with the right solutions. The result? A lean project portfolio management method and a tool that meets all the Lean PPM requirements.

We are proud that we are now more than just software. And we are happy to quickly review with you what kept us busy last year.

The Lean PPM Method -The Secret Recipe for Project Portfolio Management

Between the break room and emails, between meetings and orders – a close look at the processes in a business quickly reveals the outlines of a functional PPM system. Often, a lack of structure is the only thing that stands in the way of a project portfolio management and resource planning method that really works. In this blog post, we give you a run-through of the Lean PPM Method, a system that you can use to get a handle on your project portfolio management and resource planning.

In just 10 minutes, read about project portfolio management that can really work: The Lean PPM Method.

And with the right templates, you can get started immediately:

  • PPM roles and responsibilities template (Download)
  • PPM Meetings and Governance template (Download)
  • Overall process template (Download).
Project Portfolio Management Template with Meetings Overview

The Right Tool for Lean PPM: Meisterplan

It’s easy. If you are implementing many projects and don’t have enough staff for all of them, you need a project portfolio management tool. One that is reliable, flexible and fits your process. A tool that does not burden your project managers and employees, but helps everyone. At Meisterplan, we developed this tool, and we’re very proud of the improvements we made to it in the last year, in large part due to the great feedback from our users. We can’t wait to hear your ideas in 2018!

Prioritize Your Projects with the New Project Score Feature

With the new project score feature in Meisterplan, it’s easier than ever to design a portfolio where the most important projects are completed first. You can now sort the entire project list by the projects’ scores. With just a few clicks, new projects can be moved to the spot that corresponds to their project scores.
Learn more about the new feature: Project Scores.

Read our guide: How to Prioritize Projects in Meisterplan.

Two colleagues discuss Project Scoring in Meisterplan

Get the Information You Need with Integrated Pivot Reports

We know that there are questions that PMOs have to answer over and over again. Pivot tables and charts can be a game changer when it comes to sorting and analyzing your data. Customizable tables and charts, including preconfigured reports, are now available in Meisterplan so that you have exactly the right information for every meeting and every question.

Learn more about the new feature: Integrated Pivot Reports.

Get to know the top Meisterplan charts and reports for PMOs.

Take Advantage of the Simplified Project Allocation Editing

To help you speed up your project portfolio and resource management, we went to work on the essentials in Meisterplan: creating projects, editing project details, adding resources, changing allocations – all of these tasks can now be accomplished much faster thanks to the more intuitive user interface.

Learn more: Simplified project allocation editing.

There will also be a new user interface in 2018 that we promise you will love.

¡Hurra! – Meisterplan habla español

We have good news for our customers who prefer Español: Meisterplan is now available in Spanish! In addition to English, German, and French, we are very happy to accommodate the many requests to add Spanish so that Meisterplan is even more convenient for our customers. Con gusto!

Events in 2017

2017 also saw a lot of informative and fun interaction with customers, prospects, partners and PPM experts. The insight and opinions that we get from our peers at these events help us to better develop the Lean PPM method. Here are some highlights from a few of the events that we attended.

Meisterplan Highlights from RegoUniversity 2017

This is the 3rd year that the Meisterplan team has participated at RegoUniversity, and the 2017 event in San Antonio, TX did not disappoint! Stephan Anders, Director of Meisterplan North America, had a great time presenting Meisterplan with Josh Leone, CIO of Rego Consulting. The entire event was fun and informative, and the Rego Team really went above and beyond to make this a successful event.

Less Talk, More Action – Meisterplan Highlights from Smartsheet Engage 2017

In Bellevue, Washington on September 19th, Smartsheet CEO Mark Mader welcomed over 1,000 Smartsheet clients and partners to Smartsheet’s inaugural customer conference: Smartsheet Engage, and Meisterplan was happy to be there too!

“Then Came Collaboration” – Highlights from PMI Global Conference 2017

The PMI Global Conference 2017 in Chicago attracted over 3,000 participants from over 60 countries. Every facet of project management, program management and project portfolio management was represented at the event. The conference included many lectures and educational sessions, and we wrote about our favorites.

Read the summary of our favorite PMI education sessions.

Stephan Anders of Meisterplan at RegoUniversity 2017Smartsheet Engage Keynote Address by CEO Mark MaderKaroline Holicky from Meisterplan was one of the happy attendees at PMI Global Conference 2017.

Thank you for a wonderful 2017, and here’s to an even better 2018. Happy New Year from all your friends at Meisterplan!

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