Photo of a rearview mirror as symbolic image for a look back on meisterplan 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we are happy to look back at another amazing year and look forward with great anticipation to the future of Meisterplan in 2016!

A look back

Here at Meisterplan, it is very important for us to be the best solution to your project, portfolio and resource management needs. We listened to your feedback and suggestions, and we want to thank you for the input. Together, we have made Meisterplan an even better solution and hope to continue this trend into 2016. So, please keep your feedback coming! Here is a look back on the added features and updates to Meisterplan that we saw in 2015, starting with version 4.5, which was launched in the first quarter 2015 through Meisterplan 5.0 launched this month:

Version 4.5

  • Tableau reporting, which added options like a scatter plot, histogram, or bubble chart to your standard PDF and Excel reports

  • A new menu tab with all key functions

  • Online Help including User Guide, How To Manual and Administrator’s Guide

  • Strategy synopsis in 1 click


Version 4.6

Meisterplan Role and Resource Planning
  • Color-coded planning in the Resource view to clearly see how your resources are allocated to each project

  • Scenario archiving, so that you can focus on the most important scenarios with options to reactivate the archived scenarios if needed

  • Easily extend a project with drag and drop or with 2 clicks to include resource planning

  • User-defined fields with customized access

Version 4.7

  • Added operational project planning capabilities through integration with Smartsheet®

  • Quick changes to capacity utilization (easily take into account vacation, family leaves, etc.) directly in Meisterplan or import through Excel

  • Milestones with dependency problems can be immediately seen and fixed as they will stay highlighted until the problem is eliminated

Meisterplan Smartsheet

Meisterplan 5.0

Visual Reporting and Analysis Meisterplan

Our current version, Meisterplan 5.0 smoothly encompasses all of the updates and added features from the entire year, while giving even more choice when using Meisterplan. Unlike other project and portfolio management solutions, Meisterplan allows you the flexibility of use in whatever way suits you best.

  • Meisterplan is a lean and agile PPM solution when used stand-alone.

  • Meisterplan can be integrated with your current PM or PPM tools to add scenarios, strategic planning and resource management to create a robust solution that saves time and fulfills all of your project and portfolio management needs.

Events in 2015

2015 also saw a lot of informative and fun interaction with customers, prospects, partners and experts in project and portfolio management. Here are some highlights from a few of the events that we attended.

Gartner PPM Summit 2015 in London, England

On June 8th and 9th in London, the Meisterplan team had the privilege to attend the Gartner PPM Summit 2015. We were very excited to have one of our international customers, Vodafone UK, give a presentation on how Meisterplan is used in the daily operations of Vodafone UK.

Gartner 2015 Team

IT Innovation Summit in Munich, Germany and the INKOP in Giardini Naxos, Sicilia, Italy

The Meisterplan team was also privileged to be chosen as innovators in our field by FINAKI, a pioneer and leader in high level information society focused events and conferences in Europe, and invited to attend the IT Innovation Summit in Munich, Germany on June 11, 2015 as well as the INKOP in Giardini Naxos, Sicilia, Italy on October 8-11, 2015, where we had the chance to network with international corporations and hear and share the latest developments from cutting-edge technology companies.

PM Forum in Nuremberg, Germany

Also in October 2015, the Meisterplan team attended the PM forum in Nuremberg, Germany, where we were able to share what Meisterplan can offer to solve the challenges that are encountered in the project management world.

Inside International IT Portfolio Management 2015 in Cologne, Germany

Meisterplan Inside International IT Portfolio Management 2015

On November 26th and 27th, 2015, the Meisterplan team connected with many industry experts at the Inside International IT Portfolio Management 2015 Conference. A big focus at this event was the importance of project portfolios and companies as a whole becoming more agile. We, at Meisterplan, were happy to share our ideas and the agile solutions that can be found by using Meisterplan. We were also delighted to have Michael Hughes, a Programme Support Specialist at Vodafone UK present on the topic of Portfolio Management in the UK, where he outlined the areas that needed improvement and the solutions that they implemented using Meisterplan as their Dynamic Portfolio Management tool.

The Meisterplan Team

In 2015, the Meisterplan team and itdesign in Tübingen, Germany has now reached over 100 employees. We also are very thankful for our many partners who are helping us become the solution to what is missing in the project and portfolio world. Our partners represent us across the globe in countries including the US, the UK, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and more on the way for 2016!

Cheers (Prost!) to 2016 and may we become the solution to all of your project portfolio challenges!

Happy New Year from all your friends at Meisterplan!

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