Introducing the New Meisterplan MyProjects App

Get a Clear View of Upcoming Projects with the Meisterplan MyProjects App for iOS and Android

Get a Clear View of Upcoming Projects with the Meisterplan MyProjects App for iOS and Android

We’re excited to introduce the new Meisterplan MyProjects app, which paired with your Meisterplan Cloud account makes project portfolio and resource management planning more efficient and easier than ever! Meisterplan MyProjects ensures that you always have a clear view of your upcoming projects. To accomplish this, the app offers two views:

  • Daily view: See exactly which projects you must be involved with that day.
  • Weekly view: Get an overview of the projects that you are scheduled for each week.

Both views contain timelines for your planned capacity for each project. With the visual display, you can easily identify capacity bottlenecks for a specific day or for a week at a glance. The planning data for your entire project portfolio in Meisterplan can be used as the database. Changes to the overall planning that affect your projects are displayed directly in the app.


  • Weekly overview of planned, personal projects
  • Daily view of pending, personal projects
  • Includes planned capacity
  • Visual display of capacity bottlenecks
  • Synchronization between the overall planning in Meisterplan and personal projects
  • User languages: English, German and French

System Requirements

For iPhone or iPad:

  • Available for iOS 9 and later
  • Requires WiFi or mobile internet connection
Apple App Store badge

For Android:

  • Available for Android 4.1.2 and later
  • Requires WiFi or mobile internet connection
Google Play Badge
Screenshot of Meisterplan MyProjects iPad App Select Date Screen

To use this free app, use your Meisterplan account or if you don’t have one, request a free trial, and start solving your multi-project resource management puzzles today with Meisterplan and Meisterplan MyProjects!

About Meisterplan

Meisterplan combines project portfolio and resource planning in a unique, interactive software. Simulate planning scenarios to immediately see the impact of project changes on your resources and budgets and in no time solve bottlenecks in your project portfolio. Leading companies including Citrix, Siemens Wind Power, Brita, Vodafone, Kuka, and maxdome are using Meisterplan to prioritize and plan a large number of projects with views of business goals and the availability of resources. Meisterplan completely adapts to your individual processes and lets you work the way you want. Get started today!

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About the Author: Karoline Holicky

Karoline Holicky brings not only her southern charm and Cajun cooking (Louisiana born and Texas raised), but as the Marketing Director at Meisterplan, she also brings 15 years of professional experience in many industries including financial services, engineering, oil & gas and the software industry. Karoline watches for best practices and trends in PPM because her main goal is to help companies improve their project portfolio management and resource planning so that they can make plans that work.