Get the information you need with the integrated pivot reports in Meisterplan.

Pivot tables and charts can be a game changer when it comes to sorting and analyzing your data. You can customize the tables to get exactly the information you need. They make data analysis easy, which in turn helps you to make better and quicker decisions. And now you have access to customizable pivot tables and charts directly in Meisterplan.

The New Integrated Pivot Reports

Look at your portfolio and your resources from entirely new angles. The new pivot tables and charts in Meisterplan now extend the familiar Gantt and histogram-based views with no need for external tools. These reports are fully configurable and include ready-to-use templates.  They place the right information for every meeting and every task at your fingertips.

Learn all about this new feature in our tutorial video:

Easy Drag & Drop Configuration and Flexible Export

You can easily customize all reports via a drag & drop interface. And if you need to use them outside of Meisterplan, tables and charts are available for export in various formats.

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