Easily prioritize your projects with Meisterplan

Whenever you design a project portfolio, you have to juggle a large number of projects. You’re constantly evaluating and comparing existing projects and project proposals. Is this project important? Is another project even more important? In short, you are prioritizing. You probably use various criteria to compare and prioritize the projects. In this How-To, you will learn how to configure your scoring criteria in Meisterplan and how to easily and flexibly prioritize your projects according to their project values. Project prioritization is easy with Meisterplan.

The Prerequisite for Successful Project Prioritization

You do not have an infinite number of employees at your disposal. At some point, all of your available resources are assigned to projects, so it isn’t possible to implement any additional projects. To ensure that you are implementing the right projects, you can apply the uniqueness principle to project prioritization. This means that you must consistently decide whether a particular project in your portfolio is more important than another. If you have multiple projects in your portfolio with the same priority level, then you will face difficulties when allocating resources.

This is why projects are ranked in Meisterplan, so that you no longer have six #1 priority projects.

With the project scoring feature, Meisterplan helps you rank your projects in a way that makes sense for your business.

What Groundwork Is Necessary in Meisterplan?

If you want to use the project scoring feature to prioritize projects in Meisterplan for the first time, a little preliminary work is required.

Define Project Score Fields

  • Note: The Project Score feature is only visible if you have defined at least one project score field in the settings.

Meisterplan does not force you into a rigid evaluation system that may not fit your business. Instead, the project score feature is designed in such a way that you can use your own project evaluation system.

Let’s assume that in your company the strategic contribution of a project and its level of risk are crucial. Additionally, one of your company’s values is for your employees to have fun at work, so projects with a high fun factor are preferred. These three criteria will ultimately determine your project scores.

Users with the “Administrator” role have the right to create these criteria for project scoring. Here is how it works:

  • Go to the main menu located in the top right corner in Meisterplan and select “Settings“.

  • Open the “Field Configuration” tab.

  • Click the “+ Add Field” button and choose “Lookup” for the field type. No other field types can be used for the project score fields.

  • Assign a column name (e.g., cust_strategy_fit) as well as a displayed name (e.g., Strategy Fit) and a description.

  • In the box labeled “Field Rights”, specify who is allowed to view and edit the field.

  • Create the necessary lookup values to apply to the criteria. To do so, click the “+Add Value” button and assign an ID, a name, a description (e.g., Low), and a color (e.g., red). You can now enter a value under “Project Score Value”. Meisterplan uses this value to calculate the project score. For a Strategy Fit of “Low”, enter a very small value (e.g., 0) or even a negative value, and for “High” enter a much higher value (e.g., 40).

Project scoring fields in Meisterplan

By following these steps, you can create fields for all required criteria and the corresponding project score values as lookup values.

In our example, your field configuration would look something like this:

Attribute NameLookup Value 1Lookup Value 2Lookup Value 3
Strategy FitName: High
Project Score Value: 40
Color: Green
Name: Medium
Project Score Value: 20
Color: Yellow
Name: Low
Project Score Value: 0
Color: Red
Risk LevelName: High
Project Score Value: 0
Color: Red
Name: Medium
Project Score Value: 12
Color: Yellow
Name: Low
Project Score Value: 20
Color: Green
Fun FactorName: High
Project Score Value: 10
Color: Green
Name: Medium
Project Score Value: 5
Color: Yellow
Name: Low
Project Score Value: 0
Color: Red

You can add your customized project score criteria in Meisterplan in only a few minutes.

Sorting Rights

Because sorting the project list by project score affects all projects and portfolios, you can specify who is allowed to have that right in Meisterplan.

To do this:

  • Go to the main menu located in the top right corner in Meisterplan and select “Settings“.

  • Open the “User Management” tab.

  • Double click the user whose rights you want to edit.

  • Open the “Rights” tab.

  • Check the box labeled “Project Score Sorting Rights for Project List”.

  • Confirm by clicking “OK”.

Update Existing Projects

In order to be able to sort your project list by project score, your existing projects must have a project score based on your defined criteria (in our example, Strategy Fit, Risk Level and Fun Factor).

To update your projects:

  • Select a project from the project list by clicking on it.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the project.

  • Click the “Project Score” tab to see the fields that make up the project score.

  • From the drop-down menus, select the criteria that applies to the current project. For example, for the project “Jira integration” you could assign a Risk Level of “low”, a Strategy Fit of “medium” and a Fun Factor of “High”.

Meisterplan Project Score Feature

After you have updated your existing projects, you can sort the projects. In the following sections, we will take a look at two ways to prioritize your projects in Meisterplan.

Sort Your Project List by Priority

If you are like most companies, your project portfolio is frequently put to the test. So, you may want to quickly find out how your entire project portfolio or a sub-portfolio would look if sorted by project value.

  • Tip: Because sorting by project value cannot be undone, it is best to work in a scenario when trying out this feature to avoid losing the current project rankings.

To sort by project value:

  • Go to the main menu located in the top right corner in Meisterplan and select “Settings“.

  • Choose “Sort by Project Score“, and click “Yes” to confirm.

Project Priorization with Meisterplan

You can now see all of your projects sorted by project score. If there are multiple projects with the same project score, Meisterplan sorts the projects according to the previous rank. You can easily change the order with drag & drop.

Prioritize New Projects

You likely know that new projects do not automatically stick to sprints or quarterly plans. If you are creating a new project, you should directly enter the relevant project score values. You can then simply move the new project to the right place in your current portfolio:

  • Select the new project from the project list by clicking on it.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the project.

  • Open the “Project Score” tab.

  • You can now move the project to the correct place in your portfolio by clicking the “Move to Rank …” button.

  • For a shortcut, right-click on the new project and select “Sort by Project Score“.

  • Note: If you sort a single project by project value, only the selected project is moved. The target location will correspond to the correct rank, even if all other projects are sorted by project value. The other projects will not be affected.

Tutorial Video on Project Prioritization with Meisterplan

You can also watch our tutorial video to see all the functions of the Project Score feature at a glance.

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