Meisterplan at International IT Portfolio Management 2015

The Meisterplan team recently attended the Inside International IT Portfolio Management 2015 Event in Cologne, Germany, where we had the opportunity to connect with many industry experts through interactive round tables, engaging working groups and through real case studies about methods and tools that really work.

Vodafone UK presents Meisterplan

We were very pleased to have Michael Hughes, a Programme Support Specialist at Vodafone UK, present on the topic of Portfolio Management in the UK in the field of Digital Operations.  He outlined the areas they had identified for improvement and the solutions they implemented using Meisterplan as their Dynamic Portfolio Management tool.

Meisterplan helps Vodafone UK to:

  • Match available resources to the demand pipeline

  • Focus everyone on a single list of things to do

  • Clearly state and communicate priorities

  • Communicate the benefit of doing specific projects

  • Explore (quickly!) different scenarios

  • Communicate to the wider business what is, and isn’t, in the scope for delivery

  • Monitor Project Planning efficiently in one place

Meisterplan at International IT Portfolio Management 2015

Agile Portfolio Management with Meisterplan

Another big message from the conference is that companies and their project portfolios must be more agile. We were excited to share with the attendees at the conference the many ways that Meisterplan can help your portfolio management become more agile.

When using Meisterplan, it is easy to make smaller, but more frequent adjustments to your portfolio, which is encouraged if you want your portfolio to be more agile. In the Scenario mode, you can quickly test out some of these adjustments to see the effects on resources, capacity and budget before applying it to your Plan of Record. Meisterplan can also help you to always keep in mind the benefit of each project, which is clearly displayed in the Financial View, as well as ensuring all projects align to your Business Goals through the Strategy View. Another factor in agile portfolio management is a focus on communication and information exchange between projects and between departments. Meisterplan allows you to clearly see how roles and resources from different departments are affected by changes to your portfolio, which helps sync information across projects and departments and also helps avoid any bottleneck of resources so that all departments can run smoothly.

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