Crystal Clear Communication of Plan Changes with Graphical Scenario Comparison

The new Graphical Scenario Comparison gives you a visual comparison of two scenarios

The new Graphical Scenario Comparison gives you a visual comparison of two scenarios. You can collect important project data at a glance. Reporting changes to your plan, even on the spot in the boardroom, is easier than ever. This Scenario Comparison serves as a useful complement to the Scenario Comparison Report to gain visibility to different scenario alternatives as you plan.

Scenario Comparison Report Screenshot

Transfer Planning Data Between Scenarios with Two Clicks

You will be able to compare project start and end dates to decide which scenario best fits your desired schedule. You will be better enabled to determine the feasibility of projects by comparing how the different scenarios affect milestones and milestone dependencies. The project hint gives information regarding the project rank. You also gain the ability to transfer individual projects from the comparison scenario to the active scenario, so you can make quick decisions regarding timing and staffing of projects or revert changes back to the original plan.

You can easily activate or exit the Graphical Scenario Comparison through the Scenario Manager or quickly change between the active scenario and the scenario comparison via the toolbar.

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