Working towards a strategic Project Portfolio Management

In many companies, detailed project data is managed in numerous Excel files. They are useful tools in the management of individual projects. However, you need an overview of all the information from the various data sources in order to make strategic portfolio decisions. Being confronted with all the data at once can be overwhelming. The sheer amount of interrelated information does not help when discussing different planning settings because:

  • You do not have a consolidated overview of all the projects.

  • You do not know how or if new projects can be realized.

  • Personnel bottlenecks are only identified once they become acute.

Meisterplan offers you an interactive, resource-based PPM solution. This solution can be used as a supplement or replacement for your existing Excel layouts. Meisterplan can help you manage your project portfolio in three easy steps:

Step 1: Select the relevant data source.

Use Meisterplan to compile your data, including data from numerous Microsoft Excel sources. A comprehensive view of your portfolio is generated. You can then work from any location using your browser – by yourself or together with colleagues.

Step 2: Plan your project portfolio

A host of options are revealed by the integrated view of project plans for all departments and project leaders. Simulate the content of your project portfolio, prioritize projects, their financing and scheduling, and update resource capacities. With each activity, all dependent elements within your portfolio are taken into consideration. You are provided with immediate feedback on the feasibility of your ideas. You obtain a whole new perspective on the relationships in your project portfolio and the requirements for resources.

Step 3: Communicate planning updates

Once you reach a planning stage that you wish to implement, you can pass on plan changes using predefined or individually tailored reports. Changes can also be forwarded using a familiar Excel layout.

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