Resource Planning at Citrix with Meisterplan: From Pain to Gain

Resource Planning at Citrix – from Pain to Gain

Meisterplan partner Rego Consulting recently hosted a webinar with Scott McLaughlin from Citrix and Stephan Anders from Meisterplan where they discussed how Citrix has used Meisterplan to streamline work processes and overcome resource planning challenges.

Scott explained his previous experiences with resource planning and identified some of his challenges, including:

  • Complex spreadsheet maintenance
  • Limited degree of accuracy
  • No clear visual of the portfolio needs
  • Difficult cross-portfolio allocation
  • Limited allocation visualization
Scott McLaughlin from Citrix discusses the resource planning benefits of Meisterplan

Scott McLaughlin from Citrix discusses the resource planning benefits of Meisterplan

“Meisterplan came in and saved the day for us. It has kept us from reliving our previous pain with resource allocation,” Scott McLaughlin from Citrix.

He also identified ways that Meisterplan improves project portfolio and resource management with:

  • “At-a-glance” visualization of the portfolio
  • Simple, accurate views into allocations (or over-allocations!) by role / resource
  • Immediate and clear portfolio and resource management planning
  • Easy data loads via CA PPM integration

Did you miss the live webinar, but want to learn more about how Citrix solves their resource management challenges with Meisterplan? Click the image below to access the pre-recorded webinar and learn all of the tips from Scott and his team at Citrix.

Meisterplan in the Citrix webinar

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