About Stefan Schneider

Stefan likes to make things work. Even if the preparation is time-consuming, tedious and coffee-intensive. That little moment when everything starts to work makes his heart beat faster. With this passion, he is 100% in the middle of the "Make Plans That Work" topic. As Portfolio Coordinator at Meisterplan, he ensures that we are working on the right things.

Jira Resource Management with Meisterplan

Let's face it, the relationship between agile teams and management is often difficult. You speak different languages, and you need different information to make decisions. As a PMO, Stefan Schneider is a daily translator and mediator. In this post, he talks about using Lean PPM, Meisterplan and our new Jira integration that we call the Jira Link.

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Product Management and Agile – Agile Misunderstood

Introducing Scrum meant introducing a culture change. Moving away from waterfall planning with big concepts to small iterations. But we can't ignore the big concepts and milestones, especially not from the management perspective. Product management falls right in the middle of this gap. On one hand, there are the benefits of agile, and on the other hand, the importance of reliable planning. How do we bring this together? Our product manager, Stefan Schneider, tells his thoughts on the topic.

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