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Rachelle Sanders

A born and raised Houstonian, Rachelle is all about good Tex-Mex and cheering on her Astros. When she is on the clock, she is the Digital Marketing Manager for Meisterplan and focuses on communicating the value Meisterplan brings to individuals and businesses who want to improve their project planning and resource management.

Western & Southern Case Study
Case Study: How Western & Southern Evolved With Meisterplan

Western & Southern uses Meisterplan to improve their resource management, project prioritization, and big picture views of project plans.

New Year Resolutions Project Plans
New Year’s Resolutions for Your Project Plans

Here are some new year's resolutions we recommend as you plan out your upcoming major initiatives.

PMOs in the Banking Industry
The Importance of PMOs in the Finance Industry

Learn about the crucial role PMOs play in the execution of project portfolios in the finance industry and how they solve industry-specific challenges.

Project Prioritization
How to Define Which Projects are Actually a Priority

To understand which projects are actually a priority, you'll need to define prioritization criteria for a scoring system.

Prepare for Management Decisions
How to Prepare for a Management Meeting About Your Project Portfolio

It’s that time again. Your management team is meeting soon to make decisions on your organization’s project portfolio. Learn how to prepare with Meisterplan.

Which Came First: PPM or PM? The Classic Chicken or the Egg Question

Many organizations struggle to decide which processes should be implemented first: project portfolio management or project management? We're here to help.

How to Build a Connected Organization and Break Down Silos
How PMOs Can Help Build a Connected Organization

We all know that silos are bad, but how do we overcome them and build a connected organization? The answer is simple: the project management office (PMO).

Overcoming the Challenges of Project Intake
Best Practices for Overcoming Challenges of Project Intake

By understanding the challenges in the project intake process and using a few best practices, organizations can create a simple and effective project intake process.

Copy and Paste Data Import in Meisterplan
From Spreadsheets to Complete Project Portfolio Management

Organizations need processes to sort, organize, share and execute data. If these processes include spreadsheets, you can still use spreadsheets while making your project portfolio management more powerful with Meisterplan.