Kasey Babkock

Kasey Babcock

A coffee drinker from an arguably young age, Kasey was a natural fit for our Seattle-based Meisterplan team. Before joining the marketing team, Kasey worked closely with our customers, providing them with ppm best practices and reporting support. You may recognize her friendly face in our customer round table series that she moderates each month. In her spare time, Kasey practices yoga at a local studio.

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Power BI Reports for Effective Decision Making

Our Power BI report templates are specifically designed to make it easier to communicate Meisterplan data and make actionable decisions.

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What Reports are Beneficial for Decision-Makers?

Everyone in your organization uses reports but not everyone needs the same information to get their job done. A NASA public relations manager doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of rocket fuel sourcing. Technical aspects of data security at NASA are not relevant to an engineer. These are just a few examples where data that is useful for one part of the organization is irrelevant for another. No matter your industry or organization size, different people need access to different types of insights to be successful within their role. Consequently, reports are not one size fits all.

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Choosing the Right Reporting Solution for your Meisterplan Data

 Meisterplan offers multiple reporting capabilities to power your data. Our Integrated Pivot Reports and Reporting API makes it easy to find and share relevant insights with everyone in your organization.

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