About Dr. Jörg Leute

Jörg has been fighting against project portfolio and resource management catchphrases like “The project will still work!” or “It’s always worked well before” for over 15 years. As founder and managing director of itdesign, the company behind Meisterplan, he is striking a blow for lean PPM. He shows companies and organizations how they can use lean PPM to create a manageable, valuable project portfolio. Jörg is an active member of the ipma and holds a doctorate in Business Economics from the University of Tübingen, Germany. Please feel free to contact Jörg Leute to get feedback on your PPM: mail@meisterplan.com

The Fractal Organization: What Complex Systems Have To Do with PPM

In today's world, organizations need to adapt quickly to changes in external parameters and to process environmental impacts as quickly as possible. How does such a modern "PPM ecosystem" look? The solution is the fractal organization. In this blog post we take a look at the fractal organization and how this can be derived from complex adaptive systems.

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