About Christoph Hirnle, PhD

The only way to bribe Christoph is through food. He loves good music. He doesn´t like when situations become unnecessarily hectic because people didn’t put enough thought into it beforehand, or they don’t inform the right people. He calls himself lazy because he doesn’t want to produce anything beyond what is required. We call him efficient. His real passion, though, is helping people and organizations make plans that work. That’s the reason he invented the Lean PPM method, and it’s why he wants your help to continually improve that method. He truly cares about others. In fact, as CEO of Meisterplan, he gets the most satisfaction out of his job when something goes really great that he didn’t have anything to do with, when he can give all credit to the team. He thinks the greatest thing about being human is that we have the opportunity to open our minds to completely different ideas, and points of view, which brings richness to our lives. On top of all that, he has 15 years’ of professional experience from being a project team member through to being a senior manager, and he has a PhD from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.