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Annegret Widmer

Annegret Widmer has ended her years-long love-hate relationship with Excel as a PPM and RM tool for an agency and now helps companies and organizations discover Meisterplan and best practices for resource planning and project portfolio management. When she’s not moving pixels or resources as marketing manager at Meisterplan, she’s moving game pieces across one board or another.

Project Portfolio Success
Portfolios and Scenarios in Meisterplan – What’s the Difference?

Many new Meisterplanners have questions about the difference between portfolios and scenarios and how to use them effectively. In this article, Kevin Johnson, from our partner Sandhill Consulting explains the difference between portfolios and scenarios and offers some best practices on how to use these two features in Meisterplan.

Motivation for Resource Managers
8 Quotes to Make You a Better Resource Manager

We don't have motivational posters hanging in our office, but we do like to be inspired and motivated by clever people. That's why we collect great quotes. To all resource managers out there: This collection is for you!

Better Resource Management
Use Resource Management for More than Just Putting Out Fires

Bad planning of employees and their capacities can quickly turn a company upside down, and suddenly everything is on fire. The result is often a firefighting mentality, where resource management is simply used to put out the fires with no long-term solution. How does this happen, and how can you turn things around?

Quotes for Project Portfolio Managers
8 Quotes That Make You a Better Project Portfolio Manager

Sometimes you stumble over a phrase that very aptly describes the day-to-day challenges of project portfolio management. The following compilation is really just a small selection of helpful quotes for those managing project portfolios. Time for some inspiration!

Hybrid Project Portfolio Management
Agile Is Wishful Thinking – Hybrid Is the Reality

The term "agile" is still a buzzword, but very few companies actually use agile project management 100% of the time. Traditional project management is still around, but we are seeing more and more companies turn to hybrid project management methods. In this blog post, we explain why using 100% agile project management methods is wishful thinking and why a hybrid method is the reality.

Reports for PMOs
Top Meisterplan Charts and Reports for PMOs

We at Meisterplan know which questions PMOs have to answer over and over again, so we have provided preconfigured reports in Meisterplan. In this post, we will briefly summarize the top reports for PMOs to best support management, resource managers and project managers.

What is PPM
How Start-Ups Are Transforming Traditional Project Portfolio Management

Traditional project portfolio management is not up to the demands of start-ups. It is too slow for quick decision-making and too complex for data management. Due to the way start-ups work, Lean PPM is now on the rise among these innovators.

80/20 Rule for Projects
Project Portfolio Management and the 80/20 Rule

Traditional project portfolio management with a Swiss Army knife of functions and a complex PPM process is usually very expensive while producing minimal results. Applying the 80/20 rule may lead you to question: if 20% of the process and functions bring 80% of the results, then why should we make everything so complicated?

Lean PPM method
The Secret Recipe for Project Portfolio Management

You can now find our project portfolio management method on our website – no vault door, no password, no conditions. So it may not be a secret recipe anymore, but it is definitely still a manual for success when it comes to project portfolio management. This article is a quick run-through of our Lean PPM Method.