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Universal Database Connector

Retrieve Your Project Data in Meisterplan with the Universal Database Connector

The Universal Database Connector by Meisterplan is a flexible tool you can use to retrieve and import your collected project data from your database. Then, in Meisterplan, you can use your current data to plan your project portfolio and resources.

Thanks to our advanced flexible integration options (Reporting Database, Web Service API, and integration with MS Excel®), you can be sure that your data will be consolidated in Meisterplan in a way that is useful to you.

Meisterplan Universal Database Connector
Pull Your Project Data into Meisterplan from All Commonly Used Databases
Regardless of whether you also work with CA PPM, Microsoft Project Server or another tool, when you use an established database such as MySQL, Oracle, or MS SQL, you can always import all of your current project data to Meisterplan.
  • Your project managers can continue to work with their tools on an operational level, while you use Meisterplan on a strategic level.

  • Take existing project data from your database, such as project name, status, duration, priority, and so forth, and use it in Meisterplan.

  • Consolidate your project data in Meisterplan for optimal project portfolio and resource planning.

Access the Universal Database Connector directly in Meisterplan.
How to Use the Universal Database Connector
  • With the Universal Database Connector for Meisterplan, you can import your project and resource data to Meisterplan from any JDBC-compatible database – including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and others.

  • Our Universal Database Connector is available as a standalone Java program in .jar format.

  • To import data from your JDBC data source to Meisterplan, add a Universal Database Connector under the settings for data sources in Meisterplan.
    Learn more about data sources

  • You configure the Universal Database Connector using an XML file in which the connection details and your own SQL queries are stored.
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How to use the Universal Database Connector in Meisterplan

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