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Meisterplan + Tableau

New Reporting and Analysis Options with Tableau and Meisterplan

Tableau is one of the most popular and comprehensive BI solutions – the perfect complement to Meisterplan. Whether you work with Meisterplan on premise or in the Cloud, you can use your existing Tableau to access your plans in Meisterplan.

The enrichment of your Meisterplan data with other existing data sources in your business gives you brand new analysis options. You can also take advantage of the intelligent Tableau standard reports within Meisterplan to make your project portfolio planning even more data-based.

Erweiterte Analytics von Meisterplan mit Tableau
Screenshot showing Meisterplan + Tableau reporting options
Make the Most of Your Meisterplan Data with Tableau
  • Take advantage of brand new analysis options for your project portfolio and resource planning data by analyzing Meisterplan data or combining it with other business data in Tableau.

  • Visualize business objectives or the potential of project initiatives based on your data. The Meisterplan standard reports for Tableau provide you with important insights, without you having to create reports yourself.
How to Use Tableau with Meisterplan
  • To use Tableau with Meisterplan, you need to license Tableau separately or use your existing Tableau license.

  • You can find more information on integrating Tableau on the Meisterplan Help page.

Screenshot displaying how to create a Tableau report in Meisterplan
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