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Meisterplan + Google

Meisterplan Single Sign-On with Google

You already have enough usernames and passwords to remember. Meisterplan gives you the opportunity to simply log in using your existing Google-Account. All you have to do is select your Google email address as your username.

Meisterplan Single Sign On with Google
Use Your Google Account to Log in to Meisterplan
  • Make your life a bit easier and have one less username-password combination to remember.

  • Authentication is quick and easy by using your Google account to log in to Meisterplan.

Meisterplan single sign-on with google login screen
How to Use Single Sign-On with Google
  • When entering your Meisterplan username, use the email address that you use to log in to your Google account. This can also be done via the user administration.

  • Give Meisterplan permission to access some of your Google account information (email address, username). You will automatically be asked for this permission the first time you attempt to log in using your Google account. This process is required in order to verify the email address you will be using to log in to Meisterplan. We do not access any other information about your Google account.

  • As a Meisterplan user, you can then log in to Meisterplan using your Google account.
    More information about single sign-on with Google

Meisterplan single sign-on with Google

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