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Meisterplan + ServiceNow

Project Portfolio Management with ServiceNow Has Never Been Easier

Choosing the right projects and making sure they can realistically be completed is often a big challenge in project portfolio management. That challenge is now a lot easier! With the Meisterplan integration by Rego Consulting for ServiceNow, you will always have an accurate overview of your project portfolio in ServiceNow . You can forecast resource allocation conflicts and resolve them before they even happen, and use what-if scenarios to respond quickly and flexibly to changes that occur, ensuring your projects will be completed succesfully.

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Combine the Strengths of ServiceNow and Meisterplan to Master Your Project Portfolio
  • From idea to execution – the entire Lean PPM workflow is covered.

  • Build the best possible project portfolio – taking into account both resources and strategy.

  • Improve the efficiency of your project portfolio and resource management.

Meisterplan in ServiceNow
Staging area in ServiceNow
Work with Meisterplan Directly in Your ServiceNow Instance
  • Collect and specify all requirements in ServiceNow as usual, and then import them into Meisterplan.

  • Meisterplan helps you to prioritize your portfolio and plan your resources. Use our what-if scenarios to make the best plan and then use that plan in ServiceNow.

  • With one glance, see all the changes in the staging area, and choose what changes you want to apply in ServiceNow.

  • Monitor project execution in ServiceNow.

  • Share the status of your active projects from ServiceNow for tactical resource management and to optimize your portfolio planning in Meisterplan.

Easy Resource Management

Integrate Meisterplan into your ServiceNow instance to simplify your resource management workflow. Our diagram shows an example of the collaboration between the project manager and the portfolio manager to select the right projects, assign the right resources, resolve conflicts and execute the projects.

  • Nothing changes for your project managers. They work as usual in ServiceNow.

  • Your project data is made available to your PMO through the ServiceNow Integration for portfolio and resource planning in Meisterplan.

Easy resource management in ServiceNow with Meisterplan

What’s Next?

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