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Connect Your Project Data to Meisterplan with our REST API

Would you like to import master data from an ERP system? Or synchronize projects from other project management tools automatically instead of having to maintain data manually in multiple systems? Do you need to reconcile financial data from other systems into Meisterplan?

With the Meisterplan REST API, your developers can automatically and securely synchronize your data. You can develop your custom integration with Meisterplan in a few simple steps and simplify your internal processes and avoid duplicate data maintenance.

Keep up with the latest updates to the REST API in the Help Center’s API changelog. Please feel free to email us with any questions or feedback.

Meisterplan API
Meisterplan API auf SOAP-Basis
Reduce Employee and Allocation Data Maintenance

Synchronize resource data and project allocations between your systems so that you only have to maintain data in one place. This means less work as well as improved data quality.

  • Design your own applications or solutions to import resource and allocation data into Meisterplan.

  • Seamlessly integrate Meisterplan with your systems to exchange resource data from your ERP or HR systems.
  • Export allocations to your BI solution to analyze data or make planned vs. actual comparisons.

Easily Sync Projects With Meisterplan

Connect project management to project portfolio management. You can synchronize the current master data of a project automatically via the Meisterplan REST API to reduce the load on your project managers. You can also automatically import new project initiatives from tools like Trello to get started quickly.

  • Use the Meisterplan REST API to develop your own applications or solutions that access Meisterplan project data.

  • Connect Meisterplan with your data and project management tools to seamlessly share project data.

Die Meisterplan API kann über den Webservice einfach genutzt werden.
How to Use the Meisterplan REST API
Meisterplan REST API
Mister Meister

OK, what’s next? Let’s check out the other apps and integrations you can connect to Meisterplan to make portfolio plans that really work. (You can also contact us if there is a specific integration you are looking for.)