Project Description

Meisterplan + Smartsheet

Improved Project Portfolio Planning and Resource Management for Smartsheet

With Meisterplan, you can take your Smartsheet-based project management to the next level. Enhance Smartsheet with functions for strategic, interdepartmental resource and project portfolio planning. Now you can simulate different personnel planning and project scenarios without having to give up your trusted workflow. You simply optimize it with Meisterplan.

Erweiterte Ressourcenplanung für Smartsheet mit Meisterplan
Innovative, Multi-Project Resource Management with a Focus on What Is Essential

Project managers carry out their specific projects from scheduling to task assignments in Smartsheet. The PMO, in contrast, focuses on interdependencies. So, they need a solution that quickly – and ideally graphically – identifies challenges in the project portfolio, especially with regard to project schedules and new resource requirements.

  • Meisterplan is the planning solution you’ve been looking for, both for acute resource constraints and for strategic project portfolio design in the context of annual planning.

  • Businesses in your sector are also using Meisterplan to balance their capacities and resource requirements. Learn more about this in our reference area.

Smartsheet Resource Planning: Fast and Secure Integration

The technical integration of Meisterplan and Smartsheet is accomplished in just three simple plug-and-play integration steps.

  • Create a project overview report with all relevant projects in Smartsheet.

  • Generate an access token in Smartsheet.

  • Set up a data link in Meisterplan by using the Smartsheet access token and mapping the fields.

Smartsheet Resource Planning: a Straightforward Process

Meisterplan can be easily integrated into your workflow using Smartsheet. This graphic shows, in several steps, how project managers and project portfolio managers can work together to successfully master the right projects.

  • Your project managers can keep working with Smartsheet as usual.

  • The project data from Smartsheet is available to the PMO in Meisterplan for overarching project portfolio and resource planning.

The process for extended resource management and project portfolio management for Smartsheet with Meisterplan

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