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Meisterplan + Microsoft Project Server

Extend Your Resource Management for Microsoft Project Server with Meisterplan

Microsoft Project Server 2016 is a flexible local solution for daily work activities and for project and portfolio management. However, the large amounts of data that come together in the software often make it difficult to promptly identify resource constraints during resource planning. Tracing the effects of changes to resources, small projects and priorities is also challenging. That is where Meisterplan can help. Using Meisterplan in addition to Microsoft Project Server extends resource planning capabilities including the ability to simulate different staffing scenarios as well as project scenarios.

Extend resource management for Microsoft Project Server with Meisterplan
Project Management in MS Project Server, Extended Resource Management in Meisterplan
Keep working with Microsoft Project Server as usual – from team collaboration to the prioritization of projects. Use Meisterplan to extend your resource planning without having to make significant changes to your workflow.
  • Make faster decisions about resources thanks to full transparency with respect to resource availability and requirements in your business.

  • Resolve constraints in your resource management with drag-and-drop.

  • Use scenarios to simulate various project and resource plans.

GIF displaying how to resolve resource constraints in Meisterplan.
How to Integrate Meisterplan with Microsoft Project Server – for Processes and Technology
Integrating Meisterplan in Microsoft Project Server is easy. As our graphic shows, Meisterplan fits intuitively into your workflow. The following technical integration options are available to you:
  • Database Connector: using Data Warehouse data

  • Web Service API: Push & pull information directly to or from Meisterplan

Graphic displaying the process for extending project portfolio and resource management for MS Project Server

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