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Project Description

Meisterplan + CA PPM

Extended Resource Management for CA PPM

Full-scale PPM software like CA PPM supports speedy management of project, program, financial, and resource management. No matter how much data is available, it is still often impossible to clearly identify resource constraints. So, in many cases, it remains difficult to trace how small changes to projects, resources, and priorities affect the overall project portfolio. Especially when such a complex analysis is supposed to be carried out using self-created tables. Overcome these challenges like a pro by adding Meisterplan to your existing PPM software CA PPM.

CA PPM logo, gain extended resource management for CA PPM with Meisterplan
Your Project Management in CA PPM, Your Extended Resource Management in Meisterplan
You can keep using CA PPM as you have been from creating tasks to managing workflows. With Meisterplan, you gain the added functionality of extended resource planning.
  • Get a clearer view of resource availability and requirements, so that you can make decisions faster.

  • Easily identify resource constraints and resolve conflicts using drag-and-drop.

  • Run simulations that let you quickly compare various scenarios.

  • Prioritize your projects according to your strategy.

Gather all of the resource information you need in one place so that you can get a bird's eye view for resource planning.
How to Integrate Meisterplan with CA PPM – for Processes and Technology
Meisterplan is easy to integrate into technology and into processes. Follow the cycle in our graphic to understand how PMO and project managers can optimize their collaboration using CA PPM and Meisterplan. The following technical integration options are available to you:
  • Plug-and-Play integration

  • Database Connector: using Data Warehouse data

  • Web Service API: Push & pull information directly to or from Meisterplan

Graphic displaying the process for extending project portfolio and resource management for CA PPM with Meisterplan.

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