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Meisterplan + aXc-Project

Strategic Resource Management for aXc-Project

Plan tasks, timelines, and milestones in aXc-Project and use Meisterplan to create project portfolios that really work. Your PMO can simulate different staffing and project scenarios in Meisterplan – while your project managers continue working with their trusted tool set.

Strategic Resource Management for aXc-Project with Meisterplan
Screenshot von aXc-Project mit erweiterter Ressourcenplanung mit der Meisterplan IntegrationGIF displaying how to resolve resource constraints in Meisterplan.
Innovative, Multi-Project Resource Management with a Focus on What Is Essential

Project managers process their specific projects in aXc-Project, from scheduling to task assignments. The PMO focuses on interdependencies. So, they need a solution that quickly – and ideally graphically – identifies challenges in the project portfolio, especially with regard to project schedules and new resource requirements.

  • Meisterplan is the planning solution you’ve been looking for, both for acute resource constraints and for strategic project portfolio design in the context of, for example, annual planning.

  • Your project managers send reservation requests for capacities directly to Meisterplan, where the resources are planned across projects. The PMO approves or rejects the request, or suggests an alternative solution.

Resource Management for aXc-Project: Fast and Secure Integration
  • Take the projects that you want to plan in Meisterplan, and combine them in an aXc-Portfolio, marking your resource requirements as “Reservation.”

  • Push the operational planning to Meisterplan via the aXc main menu.

  • Use Meisterplan scenarios to create optimal solutions for your interdepartmental resource planning.

  • Retrieve the optimized planning status from Meisterplan via the aXc main menu.

Graphic displaying the process for extended project portfolio and resource management for aXc-Project with Meisterplan
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