Project Description

Meisterplan + Reporting Database

Make Meisterplan Data Accessible for Other Tools with the Reporting Database

Meisterplan comes with preconfigured reports, which you can use to plan your project portfolio, but sometimes you need quick and convenient access to this data (e.g., what are the capacities of your roles or employees) to use in other tools such as MS Excel® or MS Access®. You might also need to visualize your data or link it to other data in a business intelligence tool such as Tableau® or Power BI®. This can all be done using the Meisterplan Reporting Database.

Meisterplan Reporting Database
Conveniently Access Your Meisterplan Data in External Tools
Regardless of whether you also work with Excel, Tableau, Power BI, or other solutions, the Meisterplan Reporting Database makes all of your data available for further processing in other tools.
  • Keep using your reporting tools, such as MS Excel®, and simply access Meisterplan data from within your familiar workflow.

  • For example, you can retrieve plan data, financial data, allocation data, and capacity data – compiled on a weekly or monthly basis – for presentations, executive summaries, or for filing purposes.

  • Expand your analyses, or visualize your Meisterplan data in your business intelligence solution.

Use Meisterplan Reporting Database to access your data in other tools.
How to Use the Reporting Database
A meeting using Meisterplan Reporting Database to better analyze data.

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