Project Description

Meisterplan + Power BI

New Reporting and Analysis Options with Power BI and Meisterplan

Power BI is a popular BI solution with extensive functions that make it an excellent complement to Meisterplan. Whether you work with Meisterplan on premises or in the Cloud, you can use your existing Power BI software to access your plans in Meisterplan. The enrichment of your Meisterplan data with other existing data sources in your business gives you brand new analysis options.

Extended Analytics with Meisterplan + Power BI
Make the Most of Your Meisterplan Data with Power BI
  • Take advantage of brand new analysis options for your project portfolio and resource planning data by combining Meisterplan data with other business data in Power BI.

  • Use Power BI to visualize your business objectives or the risk of project initiatives based on your Meisterplan data.

Graphic displaying Power BI reporting options in Meisterplan
How to Use Power BI with Meisterplan
  • You need to have a Power BI license.

  • Use the specially prepared data from the Meisterplan Reporting Database as a data source in Power BI.

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